International Education Conference (IEC) Planning Committee

The International Education Conference (IEC) Planning Committee is a system wide committee with representatives (faculty and administrators) meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month to discuss, review, and provide recommendations on matters related to the annual International Education Conference that is hosted by Lone Star College every Spring semester. 

IEC Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

IEC Planning Committee Members 2015:

  • Blerta Banushi - Committee Member
  • Sue Davis - Publicity Co-Chair
  • Jeannie Hale - Registration and Exhibitor Co-Chair
  • Shannon Hausinger - Committee Member
  • Paula Khalaf - Program Co-Chair
  • Cassandra Khatri - Hospitality Co-Chair
  • Jeanie Maynard - Exhibitor Co-Chair
  • Theresa McGinley - Conference Co-Chair
  • Nader Naderi - Committee Member
  • Christina Robinson Grochett - Conference Co-Chair
  • Nithy Sevanthinathan - Committee Member
  • Brian  Shmaefsky - Committee Member
  • Janice Straker - Hospitality Co-Chair
  • Jim  Stubbs - Poster Chair
  • Kristen  Wilkes - Committee Member
  • Elizabeth Zajac - Registration Co-Chair