General Purpose Lab Classrooms

Academic Success Center

Located in the TECH-104 Open Lab, TECH-104A and TECH-104B are standard load computer lab classrooms available for reservation primarily for one-time instructional purposes for use in credit and CE courses where students need class-time computer access.

All visits must take place during the TECH-104 Open Lab hours. No exceptions are possible.

Class visits are either 50 or 80 minutes and must begin on the hour or the half-hour. Each class may visit a maximum of twice a week in the fall and spring semesters and three times a week in the summer.

Special Services

Basic in-class assistance with technology tasks is available with advance request. Please email at least one week before the visit for which you would like assistance. If at all possible, we will provide assistance.

TECH-104A features NetopVision Classroom Management software. TECH-104B features a TeamBoard interactive whiteboard. Please state in the lab reservation request below if you specifically want TECH-104A or TECH-104B.

The two lab classrooms may also be used for instructional training in innovative technologies and for other training purposes. Other college groups (e.g., clubs, staff meetings) seeking computer lab space will be accommodated if the rooms are available. Please note that all users are expected to follow the conditions stated above and all Open Labs user policies.

On-line Reservation Request Form

To reserve a lab classroom, the instructor/facilitator must fill out the form below and click on “Submit”. Requests must be made at least two business days in advance. A visit is not confirmed until you have received confirmation via an Outlook calendar invitation from the Open Labs. The Open Labs staff will respond via Outlook calendar event invitations, and they will contact you if there is a date clash.

If you need to cancel a reservation, please email so that other classes may use the room.

If you want to make more reservation requests than the form below allows, you will need to submit a second form.

Tell us about yourself and your class.
First Name:
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Please say in the box below whether you want TECH 104A or TECH 104B.
Also, describe the nature of your visits, and tell us about any special technology needs you’ll have.
Note: All class visits take place within open lab hours, and the last visit ends 10 minutes before we close!

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Note: Thanks! The next step is to watch you email account for a confirmation request. You’ll soon receive this confirmation of your lab times via e-mail, or a reschedule request if your times are in conflict with previously accepted reservations. Once you receive a confirmation, open the message, and click on accept to confirm.