Summer Spirit Challenge

As you enjoy some much-needed time away this summer, consider taking part in the Summer 2014 Spirit Challenge: "Monty's got spirit! How 'bout you?" Similar to last year's challenge, we want your photos from high, faraway and unique places. Here's how the Spirit Challenge works: All full- and part-time employees, as well as interested students, will receive a Maverick spirit pennant. Take a picture of you with the pennant as you hit the trail this summer. There will be a prize for the furthest from LSC-Montgomery and the highest elevation. Not traveling this summer? Then get creative! There will be a prize for the most creative/original photo. Tex-cation, is another category, and a prize will be given for the best photo taken in the state of Texas. Now this year, the division that has the most employees participate with receive a centered lunch! Don't forget your pennant when you pack your suitcase!

Here are the rules:

  1. A picture must be taken of YOU with the pennant!
  2. You have from 12:01 a.m., May 10, through midnight, August 10, to take your picture and submit it. No entries will be accepted before or after that time period.
  3. There will be a prize for:
    1. Distance from LSC-Montgomery;
    2. Height above sea level (airplane travel doesn't count!);
    3. Originality/creativity
    4. Tex-cation
    5. Best selfie
    6. The division with the most employees participating will earn a catered lunch.
  4. One entry per person per category is allowed.
  5. Entries will be shown at the college's Fall 2014 "Welcome Back" Convocation on Tuesday, August 19, in the Performing Arts Center (D100).