Trevor Live is aseriesofsuccess seminars to help better prepare students for class work and everyday life. These seminars include lectures and workshops that will teach students to excel.

WHEN: 12:30 pm on the dates listed below

Refreshments will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, so come early!

Some instructors may allow students to obtain EXTRA CREDIT for participating in these seminars. Check with your individual instructor regarding his/her policy.

All sessions are held on Tuesday.


  • October 21Macklemore on Addiction
    Barbara Lujan, Counselor/Professor

  • October 28Drinking and Driving: The Real Costs
    Asst. Chief of Police, Chuck Kennedy

  • November 4Step Out of the Box - Change Your Life
    Dr. Irene Briggs, Outreach & Recruitment

  • November11Strategies for Finding Your Career & Your Next Job
    Erica Clark, Advisor & Barbara Lujan, Counselor

  • November18Basics of Banking
    Holly Cook, Manager, Community Bank


  • December 2Pass or Fail: Which One Will You Choose
    Lisa Davis, Counselor/Professor