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New Faces of Leadership at LSC-CyFair

The 2009-2010 academic year at Lone Star College-CyFair begins with changes in leadership on the executive team at the Barker Cypress campus including a new college president, vice president and a dean.

Dr. Audre Levy – College President
Higher education a rewarding career for nearly two decades

She may only be a month into her new position as the new president of LSC-CyFair, but Dr. Audre Levy brings nearly two decades of higher education experience to the job.

“At this point I am learning the Lone Star College System so my goals should not outdistance what the college wants to do. There are some goals in place such as to complete building out the campus and to increase student enrollment,” she said. “For now, I am still in the information gathering stage. I’m getting to know the community and I know I have big shoes to fill.”

President Doctor Audre LevyDr. Levy has had a rewarding career in education since she graduated from college as a K-12 teacher. She began college with a major in home economics, which was cooking and sewing and an opportunity to be fashionable, she said. However, she later switched majors and with a bachelor’s in public speech, she began her educational career as a junior high school English teacher.

A 1989 new year’s resolution to transition from K-12 to a job at a community college came to fruition when she first got her foot in the door doing volunteer work in the counseling department.

“At the end of the year I had a full-time job at one community college, a part-time job at another, so I ended up with a job and a half,” she said.

Dr. Levy’s higher education career would take her from a position of long-term sub and counselor to a variety of administrative roles including president of Glendale Community College for the past three years. She also earned four master’s degrees in education, education psychology, administration and divinity as well as a doctorate in institutional management.

Education is also a career focus for several in Dr. Levy’s large Texas family ranging from law professor to an elementary school principal and several teachers. She also has two grown children - a daughter in Tampa who works at a day care and a son in North Carolina who is in marketing.

Dr. Thad Anglin – VP of Student Success
Student life is the passion, student leadership development the goal

Student life, particularly student leadership development, has been a passion for more than 15 years for Dr. Thad Anglin, the new Vice President of Student Success at LSC-CyFair.

“Dr. Anglin joined us at a crucial time in the life of the college as we transition to new leadership, continue to ‘systematize’ many of our operations and begin the actual design phase for our new facilities,” said Dr. Bob Williams, VP of Administrative Services. “His experience and leadership skills will serve the college well as we move forward.”

Dr. Thad AnglinOne challenge in his new role is to raise the bar for greater accomplishments among the student clubs, including more national exposure. Another challenge is handling registration with LSC-CyFair’s extensive growth rate.

“It’s an exciting time to be serving here as Vice President for Student Success,” said Dr. Anglin. “With a new student services building under development, we will be able to serve students in a way that is cutting edge well into the future.”

While always involved in school activities as a student and a teacher, Dr. Anglin first began his work and professional career in higher education at Kilgore College, where he was immersed in the community college culture. He gained hands-on administrative experience working in a variety of community colleges and senior universities from housing director, intramural director and assistant student activities director at Kilgore College, Associate Dean of Students, and Dean of Enrollment at Texas A&M University-Commerce to most recently Assistant Vice President for Student Life at Tarleton State University. 

“My goal is to see that continuing opportunities are available for students to get involved, develop leadership skills and understand how they can apply what’s learned in the classroom in civic arenas,” said Dr. Anglin. “And it would be great to look back in five years and see more national exposure of student leadership programs.”

Dr. Anglin is a father of three children and his wife is a reading specialist, who will be teaching at Aragon Middle School.

Maria Sanders – Dean of Humanities, Math and CIT
Education is the passion, national model of excellence is the goal

 With a passion for all facets of education, Maria Sanders has moved from the classroom into an administrative role as the new Dean of Humanities, Math and Computer Information Technology (CIT) at Lone Star College-CyFair.

“Maria brings a diversity of talent, skills and leadership ability that will foster the continued success of the division and the college,” said Dr. Feleccia Moore-Davis, Vice President for Student Learning.

Dean Maria SandersSanders joined LSC-CyFair in 2006 as an associate professor of philosophy. She not only brings 18 years teaching experience at the college level into her dean role, but administrative-related experience as Employee Relations Officer and Interim Assistant to the Vice President of Instruction at South Texas College. In the private sector, Sanders practiced law and was the first female to be elected and serve on the Freeburg Illinois board of trustees.

While she enjoys teaching, Sanders said she feels her experiences can be used in a more comprehensive way to move the college in the right direction to address the impact of natural growth, system changes and the economy.

“The first five years of the college was our infancy. Now we are getting into what I consider the most important phase. This is where we will define ourselves of how we will be seen in our community and nationally,” she said. “What some view as real challenging, I find exciting! My primary goal is to work closely with our innovative team of highly qualified faculty and staff to develop each of our programs into exemplary programs and to collaborate throughout our college and system to really establish ourselves as a national model of excellence.”

Sanders has four children ages 2 to 11, her husband works at San Jacinto College, and she is currently pursuing an ABD in Philosophy at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.