LSCS Payroll Department

The LSCS Payroll Department is responsible for:  

  • Producing and distributing payroll for over 6,000 employees 
    • Compiling and disseminating payroll deduction information and other payroll activity reports to LSCS departments, state agencies and outside vendors.
    • Producing Semi-monthly, Bi-weekly and special payment payrolls.
    • Mandating participation of direct deposit and electronic earnings notifications.
  • Tax reporting and compliance
    • Withholding and remitting employment taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.
    • Preparing and reporting year-end tax information including IRS Forms W-2 and 1042's.
  • Nonresident Alien tax status evaluation
    • Tax treaty compliance.
    • Adherence to nonresident employment guidelines.

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Returning Retirees

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Payroll Employees

System Office

Lynn Christopher
Director Payroll

Ann Burgess
Payroll Supervisor

Claudia Watson
Senior Payroll Manager

Valerie Longoria
Prof Payroll Analyst I

Belinda Graves
Payroll Analyst I

Barbara Dauzat
Payroll Analyst II

Latonji Young
Payroll Analyst II