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LSC-North Harris is truly an international campus, with students from over 30 different countries taking classes at the college every semester.  Students who graduate from the Academic ESOL program go on to earn an Associate's or Bachelor's degree or a college certificate in a professional field.  The program also helps students communicate better at work or get a better job.  Other students take ESOL classes simply to improve their day-to-day life.  Here are some comments from current and former students about the Academic ESOL program at North Harris.

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Studying the ESOL program at North Harris has meant a support and orientation by a qualified group of professors. This opportunity has given me communication skills to develop my transition into American culture, and meet the challenge of writing and reading in English.  It has been a connection with interesting people and inspiring experiences.  Definitely, being part of the ESOL program has been my best choice to study English.

Angela O., Venezuela


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The ESOL program at North Harris has been a fantastic support in increasing my English learning. It has provided me with the knowledge of variety in English by making experienced and wonderful ESOL teachers as a messenger. This program has gave me the opportunities to learn English with the other students around the world. The main achievement I have achieved from this program is to gain confidence in myself and I have made a concrete foundation of English now. I want to thank my teachers and my classmates who have helped me in improving my English language.

Madhusudan B., Nepal

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I feel so grateful.  I have learned a lot and improved more how to read to write.  This program is the best for second language students.  I would like to thank all the ESOL teachers.

Than T., Thailand


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At Lone Star College, we have a great ESOL program.  The program has helped me a lot to improve my speaking, writing, and grammar.  The teachers are great!  They help students feel more comfortable when they ask questions.  If you don't have the words to express yourself, they are always there to help you!  I love LSC-North Harris!!!

Kethia K., Democratic Republic of Congo

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Thanks to the ESOL program, I have changed from a shy and quiet woman to a confident and active woman. It was a great time for me to study with wonderful and friendly professors as well as classmates. They gave me support to escape my fear of speaking, writing, and reading English. Now I am ready and confident for college level because I have a firm foundation of English understanding. I express my sincere gratitude to my ESOL professors and classmates.

Than N., Vietnam

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The ESOL program at North Harris gives international students who don't speak English the tools we need to be successful, yet we also need training and practice to conquer the language. The ESOL program has a lot of charismatic teachers who help students a lot. They have a unique way to teach, and they are really professionals. Itís really helpful to have teachers who are always worried about us, and who are always pushing us to be triumphant.

Nicodemo A., Mexico


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 The North Harris ESOL program has been a wonderful support for my English learning. Without the help of my teachers and the people, I would not feel as sure as I do in my daily life.  

Zulema P., Mexico


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 The ESOL program has improved my writing and reading skills.  The variety of subjects the classes covered made the learning process very exciting to me.  In addition, the teachers worked hard to provide a full understanding of the course materials in a friendly environment.  I am pleased with the program and its result.

Salwa M., Egypt


 The ESOL prgram has helped me to improve my English skills a lot.  In this program, I had an opportunity to make a lot of international friends, and learn about different cultures. The goal of the ESOL program is to prepare you for college-level English. If you want to study in the USA, and you are not sure about your English, it will be the best start for you.  

Iliya K., Russia

 Being part of this college has been a wonderful experience for me.  Its facilites are excellent, and the extracurricular aids are extraordinary.  Teachers are not only professionals but also wonderful people ready to help inside and outside the classroom.  Studying with people from around the world makes the experience even more interesting.  If I had to choose again, I would choose to study English at this college.

Sandra S., Colombia











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