Useful Websites for ESOL Students

The best way to reinforce what you have learned in class is by practicing your English outside of class.  Below are just some of the hundreds of websites on the Internet that students can visit to practice and improve their English skills.  Most are designed specifically for ESOL students.  Many of the websites also provide additional activities to do online or at home.


Visit this website for one of the most comprehensive reviews of English grammar.  It includes both detailed explanations and follow-up excercises.  You can search by topic or alphabetically.

All Things English

Visit these websites for various activities on reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar for students of all levels.


Visit these websites to hear various podcasts and listenings for ESL students of all levels, including conversations, news reports, and opinion pieces. 

News & Lectures

Visit these websites to hear news reports, opinion pieces, and lectures. 

ESL (beginning to advanced)

General Public (advanced)


Online Dictionaries
Visit these dictionaries to look up unknown words online.

The Corpus of Contemporary American English allows you to search for collocations (common word combinations) by keyword.


Visit these websites for information and activities related to writing and grammar for writing.



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