Tecm 1303 Technical Calculations Information

LSC-CyFair Math Department

Catalog Description

Specific mathematical calculations required by business, industry and the health occupations.

Course Learning Outcomes

The student will:

  • Solve technical math problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Convert between whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers and decimals.
  • Perform calculations involving percents, ratios and proportions.
  • Convert numbers to different units of measurement (standard and/or metric).

Contact Hour Information

Credit Hours:  3
Lecture Hours:  2
Lab Hours:  2
External Hours:  0
Total Contact Hours:  64



Required Materials


Inquire with instructor


Calculators may be required for some assignments/assessments at the discrection of the Instructor.  Refer to class syllabus for details.
Neither cell phones nor PDA’s can be used as calculators.  Calculators may be cleared before tests.

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