Resources for Instructors

Course Information

Math 0106  Prealgebra NCBO
Math 0232  NCBO for Mathematics for Liberal Arts
Math 0242  NCBO for Statistics
Math 0308  Introductory Algebra
Math 0310  Intermediate Algebra
Math 0314  NCBO for College Algebra
Math 0315  NCBO for College Algebra, Expanded
Math 0324  NCBO for Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences
Math 1314  College Algebra
Math 1316  Trigonometry
Math 1324  Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences
Math 1325  Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
Math 1332  Mathematics for Liberal Arts
Math 1342  Statistics
Math 1350  Mathematics for Teachers I
Math 1351  Mathematics for Teachers II
Math 2318  Linear Algebra
Math 2320  Differential Equations
Math 2412  Precalculus
Math 2413  Calculus I
Math 2414  Calculus II
Math 2415  Calculus III
Tecm 1303  Technical Calculations


Department Guidelines

Guidelines for LSC-CyFair Math Instructors


Employee Resources

Accessing HR and Payroll in MyLoneStar
How to Obtain a Badge
How to Obtain a Parking Permit


MyMathLab Information

MyMathLab Access
LSC-CF MyMathLab Generic Access Course IDs
MyMathLab Training and Support for Educators 
MyMathLab Technical Support Websites:
For Faculty
For Students.


Other Technology Resources

Maple Adoption Program
Math Type 6.7 Request Form
Instructions for Using Remind for Text Messages


Mathematical Organizations

LSC-CyFair Math Club


Conversion to Online

FAQs for Math Faculty During Covid Conversion
White Paper on Online Test Integrity
Video: Adapting MML for Online Teaching
Prioritizing Topics for Courses
Info  from Faculty Senate
Text Messaging with Remind
Setting Messaging Privileges in Remind
Quick Guide for using Webex
Video: Using Webex for Online Teaching
Detailed User's Manual for Webex
Info for Students Regarding Online Tutoring
Using Gradescope as a Testing Tool


Syllabus Materials

LSC-CyFair Syllabus Template (Revised for 2020-2021 / Final Version)
Required Syllabus Content Examples (2020-2021)
Optional Syllabus Content (2020-2021)
CyFair ISD Dual Credit Syllabus Template (2020-2021)
Lamar Consolidated ISD Dual Credit Syllabus Template (2020-2021)
Email Syllabi to
Instructions for Uploading Syllabi and Vitae From Within MyLoneStar:
Uploading Syllabi to the Web
Uploading Vitae to the Web
Important Dates for Semester Planning


If You Are Going to Be Absent

Call 832-482-1051 or email:


Resources For Teaching And Learning

Accessing the Faculty Center in MyLoneStar
Math Placement Test Cutoff Scores
Tutoring Center Information
Assessment Center Home Page
Testing Center Requests (instructions)
Verifying Official Day and Midterm Day Rolls
How Should I Study Math? Handout for Students
Sample Student Profile Sheet
Student Time Management Guide
Great Ideas for Teaching Transitional Math
General Review for College Algebra Final Exam
College Vision and Learning Signature


Important Forms

Grade Change Form
Schedule Change Form (used for Excessive Absence Drops)
"I" Contract Form
Course Substitution Request
Adjunct Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


Job Aids

Email Tool - MyLoneStar
Email Tool - MyMathLab
Copying Material from Other MML Classes
Creating Media Assignments in MML
Working with Hidden PowerPoints in MML
Activating Ask My Instructor in MML
Changing an Email Address in MML
Custom Question Builder in MML
Integrating Respondus into MML
Posting a Syllabus in D2L
Setting Up Online Tutoring in D2L
Setting Up SmartProctoring in D2L
Integrating MyMathLab into D2L
Syncing MML Gradebooks with D2L
Video: Integrating & Syncing MML into D2L
Video: Uploading Gradebook in D2L w/o Syncing
Forwarding D2L Email
Reconciling rosters in D2L
Using the Assignment Dropbox in D2L


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