Assignments in the Disciplines

Assignments in the Disciplines (AID) is a place for faculty to share ideas for writing assignments. It is also helpful for students to get a "heads up" on what may be required for a class, and is also a resource for the consultants in the Write Place.

Business and Social Science

Accounting 1303 (Intro to Accounting) Interview Report on Financial Arenas
Business Writing in Business Courses
Economics 2301 (Macroeconomics) Article Discussion
Government 2305 (Federal Government) Policy Research Paper with Rubric
  Federal Policy Issue in Presidential Campaign
Government 2306 (Texas Government) Policy Issues, Classic Movies, and Election Prediction
  State Policy Issue Review
History 1301 (American History) Podcast Discussions


Behavioral Sciences, English, Language and Speech

Advanced English 2341 (Food and Feasting) Film Critique
Anthropology 2301 (Physical Anthropology) Exam Question
Criminal Justice 1310 (Fundamentals of Criminal Law) Penal Code Analysis with Student Example
English 0309 (Developmental English) Viewpoint Compare and Contrast
English 1301 (Language and Rhetoric) Little Red Riding Hood Tale Comparison
  Problem and Solution Research
  Arguing an Issue
  Advertisement Compare and Contrast
  Annotated Bibliography
  Creative Writing: Short Story
  Media Review and Evaluation
  Fairy Tale Comparison with Peer Review Questions
  Writing about Baseball with Peer Review Questions
  Problem Response
  Rhetorical Analysis

English 1302 (Literature and Composition)

English 2311 (Technical Communication)

Peer Review Worksheet

Website Design and Supporting Analysis

English 2333 (World Literature from 17th Century) Symbol Analysis and Interpretation
Philosophy 2306 (Introduction to Ethics) Ethics Research Paper
Psychology 2301 (Introduction to Psychology) Course Application
Psychology 2314 (Lifespan Development) Journal Article Report
Sociology 1301 (Principles of Sociology) Culture: Summary and Sociological Discussion
  Culture Analysis and Personal Application
Social Work 2331 (Abnormal Behavior) Case Study
Speech 1311 (Introduction to Speech) Communication Analysis using Film
  Persuasive Speech
Speech 1315 (Public Speaking) Rhetorical Analysis of a Famous Speech


Natural Sciences and Health Professions

Biology 2401 (A & P I) Disease Exploration
Biology 2402 (A & P II) Disease Examination
  Vital Signs (Instructions)
Biology 2420 (Medical Microbiology) Virus: Description and Treatment with Sample Outline and Paper
Biology 1408 (For Non-Science Majors) Diet Analysis
Geology 1405 (Environmental Geology) Research Paper on Natural Disasters
Geology 1445 (Oceanography) Marine Policy Project
Physical Education 1164 (Introduction to Physical Fitness and Sport) Daily Nutrition: Observation and Analysis


Theatre, Education, Art, Humanities, Math and Music

Education 1301 (Intro to Teaching) Career Exploration with General Rubric
  Career Vision Presentation
Theater Play Appreciation





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