Application Process

Lone Star College students have two enrollment options for taking English courses. Students may register for Credit classes, or they may access classes through our Continuing Education Department. An explanation of the differences is listed below, but the classes are merged, so regardless of how you register, you can be assured the same high-quality coursework.

Step 1: Contact an Advisor

Contact our advisors and tell them you are interested in ESOL classes. You may also come to the LSC-Creekside Center to register in person.

Step 2: Complete the English Proficiency Assessment

The advisor will provide you with directions for completing the English Proficiency Assessment to determine your English level.

Step 3: Register for Classes

The advisor will contact you after you complete the English Proficiency Assessment to discuss the classes you are eligible to take and give you directions for registering.

Step 4: Pay for Your Classes

Pay your tuition and fees through myLoneStar.

Credit vs. Continuing Education

  Credit Continuing Education

Citizens, permanent residents, or those with eligible visas including F-1, H-1B, H-4 visa.

Students who meet the requirements of Texas law SB-1528 (3 years living in Texas before receiving a high school diploma or GED) can also sign up through Credit.

Non-degree seeking students interested solely in English training

Students with a B-1 or B-2 visa (tourist or business visa), or those with ineligible or expired visas 

Tuition For the most updated fees, please check Updated Fees. Some students may be eligible for financial aid. $335 per course. Some additional fees may apply.
Grading Students receive a grade of A, B, or C if they pass the course, and IP or F if they don't. Students can withdraw from a course before a certain date and receive a W. Students receive an "S" if they pass the course and an "N" if they don't pass or donít complete the requirements of the course.
Grade Reports

Students receive a transcript of their grades.

Students can earn "institutional credits," which can qualify them as "full-time" students for purposes of receiving health insurance or financial aid.
Students may receive a certificate for the successful completion of the course at the end of each semester upon request. 
F-1 International Student Need to be enrolled as full-time credit student Cannot enroll as CE student

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