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V.H. Academic Student Travel

V.H.1. Policy

The College provides equal academic student travel opportunities to all students regardless of race, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic or national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other protected status. Section V.H.1. applies only to Academic Student Travel as defined below.

V.H.1.2. Definitions

(a)  Academic Student Travel covered by this Policy means travel that meets three conditions. First, the travel must be at least farther than 25 miles from the closest Lone Star College campus or satellite center to the final destination. Second, the travel is directed by an instructional employee to achieve an academic objective. Third, either (1) the College funds the travel and uses a college-owned or -leased vehicle, or (2) a college-registered student organization requires the travel. Travel that does not meet all three of these conditions is not considered Academic Student Travel and Section V.H.2. does not apply.

(b) Academic Student Domestic Travel means Academic Student Travel that only contains destinations inside the continental United States.

(c)  Academic Student Foreign Travel means Academic Student Travel that includes a destination, layover, or location outside the continental United States.

(d)  Academic Student Travel Funded by the College means paying for expenses associated with the activity or event from a College-maintained budget item or fund. The College funds travel even if an outside tour company arranges the College-sponsored trip and travelers pay their own travel-related expenses.

(e)   Academic Student Travel Required by a Registered Student Organization means the travel related to the organizationís official activities, including attending and participating at conventions, workshops, seminars, mock events, and other academic competitions. This definition does not include social or optional events organized by a registered student organization or an optional course activity recommended by a faculty member.

(f)    Necessary Student Travel Paperwork includes all required forms specified in the Chancellorís Procedures for Academic Student Travel.

V.H.1.3.Academic Student Travel

Students complete and submit Necessary Student Travel Paperwork at least five working days before the Academic Student Domestic Travel is scheduled to begin.  Students complete and submit Necessary Student Travel Paperwork at least 20 working days before the Academic Student Foreign Travel is scheduled to begin. Commercial airlines, College-owned, -rented, or -leased vehicles, and commercial vehicles are approved transportation modes for Academic Student Domestic and Foreign Travel under this policy.

(a)   College-Provided Transportation. A driver transporting students in College-owned, -leased, or -rented vehicles must meet the following qualifications: (1) be a College employee approved by the Chief Student Services Officer, (2) have a valid driverís license appropriate for the vehicle being driven, and (3) have a satisfactory driving record.

The driver must also ensure that passenger numbers do not exceed the vehicleís designated passenger capacityóeach passenger must be secured by a seat belt. A driver must not drive for more than three consecutive hours without taking a 15-minute break from driving. A driver may not read emails or text messages while driving students. A driver must obey all safety procedures and traffic laws.

(b)   Student-Provided Transportation. The following applies when student-owned vehicles are used for Academic Student Travel: (1) College students are not covered by the Collegeís vehicle insurance policies and cannot be College-approved drivers; (2) adult students drive their own private vehicles at their discretion and peril; (3) adult students riding with another adult student do so at their discretion and peril; (4) College employees cannot arrange for students to drive other students; (5) all student drivers must sign a liability waiver for driving their own vehicle and submit this in accordance with the Necessary Student Travel Paperwork; (6) all student-owned vehicle accidents or collisions must be covered by the studentís vehicle insurance policy; (7) the Academic Student Travel conditions must be detailed in the appropriate form submitted with the Necessary Student Travel Paperwork; and (8) the College must provide student drivers with directions to the intended destination.

LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 2, 2017

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