Instruction Policy

Lone Star College System District
Board Policy Manual

Fifth Edition

Table of Contents: Section V - Instruction

V.A. Traditional Instructional Programs and Curriculum

  • V.A.1 Curriculum Design Policy
  • V.A.2 Definitions
  • V.A.3 General Core and Field-of-Study Curriculum Policy
  • V.A.4 Specific Curriculum Design Policies
  • V.A.5 Degrees & Certificate and Degree & Certificate Plans
  • V.A.6 Dual Credit
  • V.A.7 Early College, High School, and Middle School
  • V.A.8 Instructional Arrangements

V.B. Online Instructional Programs and Curriculum

  • V.B.1 Online Courses Policy
  • V.B.2 Definitions
  • V.B.3 LSC-Online Standards
  • V.B.4 LSC-Online Strategic Plan
  • V.B.5 Institutional Report for LSC-Online
  • V.B.6 Out-of-State or Out-of-Country Courses
  • V.B.7 Reporting to Commissioner

V.C. Academic Achievement

  • V.C.1 Texas Success Initiative (TSI)
  • V.C.2 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Credit
  • V.C.3 Program Continuity
  • V.C.4 Grading
  • V.C.5 Excused Absences for Military Service
  • V.C.6 Library Record Privacy
  • V.C.7 Commencement Ceremony (Graduation)
  • V.C.8 Credit Transfer

V.D. Academic Integrity and Dishonesty

  • V.D.1 General Policy Regarding Academic Integrity and Dishonesty
  • V.D.2 Definitions
  • V.D.3 Violations of Academic Integrity

V.E. Student Academic Responsibilities

V.E.1. Academic Student Code of Conduct

  • V.E.1.1 Policy
  • V.E.1.2 Definitions
  • V.E.1.3 Academic Code of Conduct

V.F. Student Discipline for Academic Misconduct

V.F.1. General Provisions

  • V.F.1.1 Student Discipline Policy for Academic Misconduct
  • V.F.1.2 Definitions
  • V.F.1.3 Reporting Academic Misconduct
  • V.F.1.4 Investigation
  • V.F.1.5 Hearing
  • V.F.1.6 Effect of Sanctions
  • V.F.1.7 Due Process Requirements
  • V.F.1.8 Autonomy
  • V.F.1.9 Periods of Disruption
  • V.F.1.10 Discipline in Health Occupations Programs

V.G. Academic Appeals

V.G.1. General Provisions

  • V.G.1.1 Academic Appeals
  • V.G.1.2 Definitions
  • V.G.1.3 Bases for Academic Appeal
  • V.G.1.4 Procedures

V.H. Academic Student Travel

  • V.H.1 Policy
  • V.H.2 Definitions
  • V.H.1.3 Academic Student Travel

V.I. Academic Freedom and Responsibilities

  • V.I.1.1 Academic Freedom and Responsibilities

V.J. Instructional Contracts With Outside Agencies

  • V.J.1 Formula Funding, SDF, Tuition, and Fees for Instructional Contracts
  • V.J.2 Definitions
  • V.J.3 Technical and Workforce Course Policy
  • V.J.4 Earning Credit or Continuing Education Units through Workforce Courses
  • V.J.5 New Certificate and Applied Associate Degree Program Requirements
  • V.J.6 Revising Certificate and Applied Associate Degree Program Requirements

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