CAT-5 Cupboard: The North Harris Food Pantry

HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8am -  4:30pm

LOCATION: Academic Building, Room 102 
Inside the Student Resource Center (SRC)

Email NH-Cat5Cupboard@lonestar.edu
Instagram: @cat5_cares

Visit us to take home a bag of groceries (1 bag per student per week) or just grab a snack or quick meal from the hot food station.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you can get at the CAT-5 Cupboard

A view of the hot food station. On two tables, there's a microwave, a toaster, a pod-style coffee machine, coffee pods, creamer, and an array of cups of ramen and Easy Mac.

  • A bag of groceries. One per student per week.
  • A quick snack, like a granola bar or crackers
  • A quick hot meal, like EasyMac or Ramen


What can be in a grocery bag?

The contents of one large grocery bag, as explained in the chart below, are arranged on a table. The contents of a small pre-packed grocery bag, as explained in the chart below, laid out on a table.
You can build a bag of groceries based on what's on the CAT-5 Cupboard shelves. Shelves are restocked every other Friday, so come in to see what's available. 


Nothing! The groceries and snacks at the CAT-5 Cupboard are a free resource for students. We just ask that everyone take what they need and make sure to leave enough for others.

What to bring and what to expect

Bring your LSC ID card! You'll need to sign-in with your LSC ID number and show your ID at the SRC front counter.

When you walk in, someone will tell you about what's available and help you access grocery bags, snacks, or other resources. You'll just need to sign in and note what you're taking so that we can maintain our inventory. 

Other resources in the Student Resource Center

  • Lactation Room with mini-fridge for anyone nursing
  • Be.A.R (Be A Resource) Shop with resources for kids and families
  • Care Closet with Career Clothes (take one outfit per week)
  • Toiletries like shampoo, deoderant, and menstrual products
  • School supplies

Donate Food

Bring non-perishable food donations to the CAT-5 Cupboard (102 in the Academic Building).

Donate Money

  1. Payroll DeductionsEmployees of LSC can donate money through a paycheck deduction. Under the "Employee" tile, select "Payroll," then "Voluntary Deductions." On the drop-down menu, select NH-Food Pantry.
  2. Foundation Donations: Donate money through the LSC Foundation by visiting their Donate Online page. Select "Donate to College Programs." Leave the dropdown menu on the default selection (Unrestricted Donations), but note in the Additional Comments box that you want to donate to the North Harris Food Pantry. 

Amazon Wishlist

Visit our Amazon Wishlist to buy items we've marked as needed. Items can be shipped to 

North Harris Student Resource Center
2700 W W Thorne Dr.
Academic Building 102
Houston, TX  77073

Our most-needed items for donation 

Donations of cash are very useful as they allow us to purchase what we most need. Donated food items should be at least a month away from the expiration date, and we especially appreciate items from our most-needed list, which tend to run low the quickest. Some items, like 1-2lb bags of beans and rice, are hard for us to buy in bulk, and others stock our hot foods and snacks station in addition to going in grocery bags, so they run out quickly:

Single-Serving Foods Packaged Foods Toiletries
Ramen cups 1-2lb bags of dried beans Menstrual pads (all sizes)
Microwaveable mac & cheese cups 1-2lb bags of rice Tampons (all sizes)
Fruit cups & Applesauce cups Canned tuna & chicken Panty liners
Cereal cups Ramen packets Toothbrushes
Microwavable instant oatmeal cups Easy Mac & boxed meals Toothpaste
Microwavable pasta/ravioli cups Instant oatmeal Soap
Shelf-stable boxes of milk Mini cereal boxes Lotion
Granola bars & snacks Single-serving drinks Shampoo
Crackers, Goldfish, & chips Canned meals Conditioner
Fruitsnacks Fruit cups Body Wash
Paper plates & bowls Baby Food Small packs of Bandaids
Plasticware Baby formula Travel-size sunscreens
Napkins & papertowels   Travel-sizes of all products


Other Resources

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