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Providing Adult Education and Family Literacy Professional Development and Teacher Training

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  • STAR (STudent Achievement in Reading) Initiative in Evidence Based Reading Instruction

  • New Teacher Academy

    "The rationale for extensive new teacher training is clear: first, most new adult education teachers were not trained in the field of education or if they were, most of their experience came from the K-12 system; second, historically high levels of teacher turnover in adult education are due in part to the sense of isolation that many new teachers experience in their programs; and third, change in the classroom is more likely to result from relevant and intensive workshops that provide teachers opportunities to try out new strategies and share them with their peers (Smith, Hofer, 2004). The New Teacher Academy seeks to address these issues by providing a dynamic overview of adult learning theory and a chance to implement new research-based strategies in the classroom and offer new teachers the moral and professional support that they need to succeed." Eduardo Honold, Harris County Department of Education 


    New Teacher Academy 1

    New Teacher Academy 2

    Andragogy: The Art of Teaching Adults

    3 Hours

    Advanced Technology (choose from course list)

    6 Hours

    Goal Setting: Developing a Culture for Transitions

    6 Hours

    BEST Plus for Non-Testers or TABE 9/10 for Non-Testers

    3 Hours

    ICA: Integrating Career Awareness

    6 Hours

    Instructional Strategies (choose from course list)

    6 Hours

    Lesson Planning: How to Plan an Effective Lesson

    3 Hours

    Persistence: Developing a Culture for Transitions

    6 Hours

    Multi-Level Classroom: Best Practices for Teaching Adult Learners

    6 Hours

    TEAMS for Teachers and Administrators

    3 Hours


    The Project GREAT Coastal Region Center of Excellence is housed on the Lone Star College-University Park campus located in the heart of the greater Houston corridor making it easily accessible to students, conference attendees and the local community:

    • 20 miles from Houston's central business district
    • 21 miles from Bush Intercontinental Airport
    • 4 miles north of the Sam Houston Parkway

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