Compliance Education and Training

The department of Compliance Education and Training is available to collaborate across departments to help the LSC community meet compliance requirements. Education and training may be delivered in a variety of formats including face-to-face, online, hybrid, and individual consultation.

Mission Statement

To strengthen the organizational and legislative compliance of Lone Star College through educational training programs, investigations, and support services.

Compliance Education and Training (CET) demonstrates a continued commitment to institutional knowledge, accountability, and safety through consistent compliance data tracking and reporting to advance effectiveness. 

Employee Compliance Education

Maintaining a safe work environment for all employees is a core value of LSC.  CET provides Employee Compliance Education to adhere with a variety of legislative and policy requirements.   Each LSC employee must complete annual mandatory compliance training during the identified training period as a condition of employment.  Throughout the year, depending on an employee’s job responsibilities, additional training may be required. 

Student Compliance Education

Lone Star College is committed to its mission to provide comprehensive educational opportunities and programs to enrich lives.  An essential component in fulfilling this mission is to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all students.  In order to fulfill LSC’s mission and comply with federal and state requirements, all new students will be required to complete the New LSC Student Campus Health, Safety, and Risk-Management Awareness (CHSRMA) Online Modules during their first term of enrollment.   More information can be found at the Campus Health, Safety, and Risk-Management Awareness (CHSRMA) Online Modules website.

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