Lone Star College-North Harris Student Success and Retention Department

What is the Academic Success Program?

The Academic Success Program is Committed to ensuring students on academic probation and suspension are equipped with resources to complete their program of study. We establish requirements to support students improve their grade point averages and return to good academic standing. We also follow up with students after enrollment to see what on-campus resources we have available to assist the students and build a positive accountability rapport with the students.

What is a student’s first step?

A student’s first step is to successfully complete an NH- Academic Success Workshop. These workshops can be completed in-person and virtual (D2L Online).   Please email us from your MyLoneStar email at email NH-SSR@lonestar.edu with your full name and student ID to register for an Academic Success Workshop.

Students must complete a North Harris Academic Success Workshop in-person or via D2L to proceed with enrollment for the upcoming semester at LSC- North Harris. The intention is to improve student’s academic performance and develop skills to sustain academic success in college and in life.

Completion of a workshop permits students to be able to enroll in classes (if available). It is NOT to remove the hold on the student’s account.

I completed the Academic Success Workshop, what is my next step?

You will need to meet with a NH-Academic Advisor, we strongly recommend you to come visit hem in person  and talk about your opportunities, to help improve your academic standing and for an advisor to assist you achieve your goal faster.

They are located in the Student Services Building in the Admission/Advising Area.

Student Services Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday:  8 am – 7 pm
Friday: 8 am – 5 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 2 pm

Currently, what are the LSC-North Harris Academic Success Program Requirements for the Fall or Spring?

  • Successfully complete an Academic Success Workshop
  • Students must have North Harris as their home campus
  • Register for a reduced course load. 1 or 2 classes, recommended in-person, online is available.
  • 50% of course-load must be at North Harris.
  • 16, 14, 12 – week courses are allowed.
  •  No mini-semester or 8-week courses will be permitted.
  • Meet additional eligibility requirements to receive Financial Aid.
  • Achieve Good Academic Standing or Academic Progress.

What if I want to appeal the requirements of the Academic Success Program?

After you completed the Academic Success Workshop, you have the option to appeal the Academic Success Program requirements. You will need to email your request to NHVPSS@lonestar.edu. The College will render the decision.

When is my academic hold removed?

You must achieve a term GPA of 2.0 or higher before the academic hold is removed. It is your responsibility to check your account for any changes to your academic status. To calculate your anticipated GPA please click on this link.

Will my current Academic Standing affect my financial aid?

You will need to contact North Harris Financial Aid Department to discuss financial aid eligibility.



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