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Student Testimonials


The Student Success Institute has left a huge impact on my life.  It has opened many doors I never would have thought I could possibly walk through.  With the guidance of my mentor and help from my peers, I achieved great success and opportunities from the helping hands that I received.  It was definitely a program that I am so happy to have joined in and be a part of!

Maryem Sheded
Major- Criminal Justice ‘18

The importance of the Student Success Institute is significant to the campus.  It provide mentors with the sole purpose to guide students toward their career goals and helping them to understand what a college experience is all about and the responsibilities that comes with it.  It has changed the different stages of my life tremendously in terms of helping me through the journey of reaching my career goals; academically and financially.  It has also led me to meet different people and make good friends.  This is a program that every student should take under consideration, because it makes a student's college life so much easier.

Benjamin Boulding
LSC CyFair
Major- Art ‘20

The Student Success Institute has helped me tremendously. I have seen an improvement in my academics, and in my personal growth as a college student. I have developed the necessary skills to achieve my goals.  My mentor, Professor Stewart-Moore has helped me understand how to balance my course work load and my personal life. She has assisted me with writing scholarship essays and research papers.  She has even provided me with basic information on campus resources, for example, the Academic Success Center, which has helped me with my writing.  I love sharing my experiences and every student should consider joining the program because it will help students learn and gain access to a wide range of programs and tools that Lone Star College provides for our academic success.  I am grateful to have played a more hands on role in the program by becoming a student ambassador. I am excited to say that I have been part of an effort to help further the continued growth and success of this program.

Serina Smith
LSC CyFair
Major- Education ‘18


The Student Success Institute (SSI) program is a great program for all students. It offers help for both new and current students. The program pairs you with a mentor who will hold you accountable not only for your academic work but also for whatever you have going on outside of the classroom.

My mentor pushed me to be more than just sub-par; he inspired me to put in the extra work necessary to achieve an A in my classes. I would definitely recommend the SSI institute for every Lone Star student.

Christopher Egbuchunam
LSC Kingwood
Major- Business ‘18

I am glad that I joined the Student Success Institute program because I have had so much support and motivation. This program has helped me come out of my shyness due in part to the mentors, who are extremely welcoming and resourceful with academic issues and personal issues.  Before joining the program, I was not aware of all the beneficial services that Lone Star College Kingwood offered.  One that was especially helpful was Career Services because it helps you search and prepare for jobs, build resumes, and practice mock interviews. The mentors make sure that SSI students have everything we need to be successful; they encourage us to go beyond the sky because that is not the limit!

Shatercia Brown
LSC Kingwood
Major - Dental Hygiene ‘20


The Student Success Institute has impacted my life in the way of knowing that outside of my immediate family there was someone to help keep me on track and motivate me to achieve the academic and personal goals that I set forward for myself.  I would rate the mentoring program a 10 out of 10.  The greatest benefit have been the flexibility of meeting and having a mentor that was there every step of the way, to help out in any way needed and the networking opportunities presented.

I strongly recommend this program to other students because you get to meet other like and goal-oriented people.  Also, you gain a mentor that can assist you on your journey throughout your time at Lone Star, and the time and days you choose to meet with your mentor can be flexible to work around your schedule.  In addition, you might gain some new friends through the relationships that you’ve come to build throughout your time in the program.

Kory Castle
LSC Montgomery
Major- Business ‘18

The Success Institute Program came to me in the form of an email, during my first semester at Lone Star College. However, had it not been for my professor encouraging students to sign up, I would not have. You see, I was one that ignored the emails too.  Since, I am one of LSC more mature students, I did not want to stick out like a sore thumb. After signing up, I was introduced to my mentor, who made my first college experience enjoyable. The guidance and support provided, made going back to school easy. I am grateful for that!

The program was created to help students achieve academic success through their own efforts and application. Therefore, the program has made available the tools, and information needed, in order for me to make informed decisions for the success of my future. The weight of college stress, which weighs on every student, was lifted from my shoulders. I could breathe with ease knowing someone cared about me and my dreams, and this have been the greatest experience of the program for me.

Without a doubt, signing up for the SSI program was the best thing for me, after enrolling at LSC. I know the program is setting me up to successfully attain my Associates Degree at Lone Star College. The next phase is transferring to my college of choice, better prepared with more confidence to receive my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.

It is my hope that more students are made aware of the SSI program. Like myself, I'm sure many students have overlooked the email they've received, as I stated earlier. To have more students sign up, is the ultimate goal, and I encourage everyone to do so. Although, I do believe with the help and influence of the advisors, recommending the program, the numbers will increase to greater margins. Before transferring from LSC, my mission is to be an instrument of influence for the SSI program to help inform as many students as I humanly can.

Sheila Johnson
LSC Montgomery
Major- Human Services ‘19

LSC-North Harris

I joined the Student Success Institute because I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to utilize the resources and manpower available to Lone Star College students to help us inspire success and achieve greatness.  The campus workshops organized by the SSI advisor provided   useful information needed in my transition from college to a university and a career.  With God’s grace I will be transferring to the University of Houston to complete the RN -BSN degree program.

Kenneth Ejiofor
LSC North Harris
Major - Nursing ‘19

I joined the Student Success Institute because I was told it was a program that help minority students excel academically.  I returned to college after 10 years so I really needed guidance from a program like this. Upon joining this program, I immediately felt welcome and received the help I needed.  Within a week I was able to register, enroll, and find classes that were suitable for my already busy schedule.  Ms. Bauer went above and beyond to connect me with great instructors and I was informed on how to buy books, apply for scholarships.  My goal is to earn a Bachelor and Master’s degree.

Shara Washington
LSC North Harris
Major- Kinesiology ‘20


The Student Success Institute has helped me tremendously on my academic journey as well as with my personal growth. As an SSI intern for the summer of 2018, I have had the opportunity to connect with my SSI advisor and the TRIO staff.  In addition, I have worked alongside Ms. Rosalin Lambey, learning the program and office procedures. Being an SSI Ambassador has allowed me to meet new people, become more involved with the program, and recruit new students in need of the program’s resources. I have also been able to sit in on workshops that have helped me develop my leadership skills. My mentor, Dr. Donna Willingham, has really been there for me by being that motherly figure I need and that shoulder I need to lean on. From the beginning, she has motivated me and watched my growth as a student and as a person. I am looking forward to having a great 2018-2019 school year as I participate in the program and all the experiences it provides.

Layce Williams
LSC Tomball
Major - Veterinary Technician Program ‘20

When I first started at Lone Star College Tomball I was lost, I knew I wanted to be a registered nurse but I didn’t know exactly what path to take. I was so lost I dropped basically all four of my classes I was enrolled in my second semester here. When I dropped those classes I was also ineligible for financial aid. Ever since I joined the SSI program I have been flourishing in my college career, not to mention Jane Buckner helped me through the process of gaining my financial aid back. The SSI program has taught me to be more involved, so involved that they have assigned me a mentor Ms. Kentrie LeDee. My mentor and I meet every week to discuss how my classes are going and my grades. Joining the SSI program and visiting with my mentor every week has taught me to be accountable and with just a little bit of extra support you can go as far as you want in life.

Amari Richardson
LSC Tomball
Major - Nursing ‘20

LSC-University Park

I would definitely recommend the Student Success Institute to other students looking for a mentor or some type of guidance. I believe it is a great program and my advice would be to always communicate and keep an open mind. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help. I had the opportunity to attend the Student Leadership Conference and it was a powerful experience! I look forward to attending again next year.  I am an aspiring graphic designer and my mentor connected me with the LSC Graphic Design Team and they offered me an opportunity to shadow them throughout the summer.  SSI has been a great experience!

Kierra Pipkin
LSC University Park
Major - Graphic Design ‘19

I joined the Student Success Institute to receive more support and help in my college career. This is something that I felt I needed as a first time college student.  My experience in the program has been great!  The first semester was helpful because every week my mentor would talk to me and ask about my classes. Then the next semester, I became an SSI ambassador because I loved the program so much.  As a first time college student, sometimes you do not know the right questions to ask.  So, having someone to talk to about different questions was important to me. The open communication I have with my mentor is very valuable.  The leadership conference was very life changing and thought provoking.  There were four different speakers and they spoke on different aspects of life such as mental and physical health. Every topic was great!

Kyley Hidalgo
LSC University Park
Major - Nursing ‘18



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