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III.G. Auxiliary Enterprises

III.G.1.1. Policy

The College may provide its students and community with Auxiliary Enterprises consistent with the College’s Mission or as directed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

III.G.1.2. Definitions

(a) Auxiliary Enterprise means a non-instructional unit that provides student, faculty, or staff services for a fee—for example, bookstores, food services, newspapers, or printing services.

III.G.1.3. Auxiliary Enterprises Guidelines

The College may provide Auxiliary Enterprises to students, faculty, and staff, if those services (1) satisfy educationally related needs and (2) are an integral part of providing support activities that enhance the College’s public service mission.

Generally, the College cannot provide Auxiliary Enterprises to third parties. The Chancellor may make an exception if providing Auxiliary Enterprises to third parties (1) fulfills the College’s public service mission; (2) is incidental to the College’s educational activities (e.g., concerts, theater performances, or similar activities); (3) consists of recreational, cultural, athletic events, public service radio, or  broadcasting; (4) has as its principal purpose improving the relationship between the College and the public; or (5) is an authorized fundraising activity.

III.G.1.4. Funding Auxiliary Enterprises

The College may fund Auxiliary Enterprises unless otherwise restricted by law.


LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 2, 2017



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