PLA By CE to Credit

Continuing Education (CE) articulation agreements award semester credit hours for successful completion of certain CE courses. Students are responsible for requesting credit through the prior learning assessment process. Credit may be awarded after a student meets eligibility criteria specific to this assessment option: 

  1. When the CE course was taken, it was part of an articulation agreement (linked or non-linked) 
  2. Grade of "S" in CE course(s)
  3. Enrolled in a Lone Star College credit program
  4. Prerequisites for credit course completed (review exceptions to the prerequisite requirement)

CE to Credit Articulation Agreements

Linked Courses

Linked Continuing Education courses are select CE courses with learning experiences identical to a credit course. CE students participating in linked courses receive the same instruction, assignments and assessments as students completing the equivalent, semester credit hour course. Since 2005, linked courses have been identified as "combined" sections in the class search. CE courses must be linked at the time a student completes the course to receive credit. 

Non-Linked Courses

Non-linked Continuing Education courses consist of learning experiences comparable to a credit course. In addition to completing the CE course(s), students may be required to demonstrate technical skills and/or provide industry certification. An agreement to award credit must be in effect during the semester a student completes the CE course to receive credit. See below for a complete list of agreements to articulate CEUs to semester credit hours.

Non-Linked CE to Credit Articulation Chart


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