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Winter Mini-mester 2022

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Registration Begins for Winter Mini-mester and Spring 2023 October 10, 2022
Payment Due for Winter Mini-mester December 9, 2022
Winter Mini-Mester Begins December 19, 2022
Payment Due for Spring 2023 January 7, 2023
3 Week Winter Mini-mester ends January 8, 2023
4 Week Winter Mini-mester ends January 15, 2023

Classes Offered

Check online for additional information including times, availability and campus locations (LSC-CyFair, LSC-Westway Technology Park, and LSC-Cypress Center).

3 Week Mini-Mester - Online

Subject Catalog Course Title
ACCT 2301 Principals of Financial Acct.
ACCT 2302 Principles of Mangerial Acct.
ARAB 1411 Beginning Arabic I
ARAB  1412 Beginning Arabic II
ARTS 1301 Art Appreciation
BIOL 1322 Nutrition
BUSI 1301 Bus Principles
BUSI 1307 Personal Finance
BUSI 2305 Business Statistics
CRIJ 1301 Intro Crim Justice
DRAM 2366 Film Appreciation
DMSO  1266 Practicum I
DMSO 1342 Intermediate Physics
ECON 2301 Macro-economics
ECON 2302 Micro-economics
ENGL 1301 Comp & Rhetoric I
ENGL 1302 Comp & Rhetoric II
ENGL 2311 Technical & Business Writing
GOVT 2305* Federal Government
GOVT 2306 Texas Government
HIST 1301 United States History I
HIST 1302 United States History II
HIST 2301 Texas History
HIST 2311 Western Civilization I
MATH 1314 College Algebra
MATH  1416 Trigonometry
MATH 1342 Statistics
PHED 1164 Intro-Phyisical Fit & Well
PHIL 2306 Intro to Ethics
PSYC 2301 General Psychology
PSYC 2306 Human Sexuality
SOCI 1301 Principles of Sociology
SOCI 2301 Marriage & Family
SPCH 1311 Introduction to Commmunication

* Face to Face and online option is available for this class.

4 Week Mini-Mester - Online

Subject Catalog Course Title
BCIS 1305 Business Computer Apps
PHED 1164 Intro - Physical Fitness & Wellne
SPAN 1411 Beg Spanish I
SPAN 1412 Beg Spanish II
SPAN 2311 Inter Spanish I
SPAN 2312 Inter Spanish II
SPCH  1311 Introduction to CommunicatIon
SPCH 1318 Interpersonal Communication

7 Week Mini-Mester - Online

Subject Catalog Course Title
BIOL 1322.5006 Nutrition
BIOL 1407.5039 Biology II for Science Majors
BIOL 1408.5021 Biology I for Non Science Majors
ENVR 1401.5019 Environmental Science I
CHEM 1405.5033 Intro to Chemistry
CHEM 1411.5035 Gen Chemistry I
CHEM 1412.5030 Gen Chemistry II

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Student Load and Overload

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