Community Leadership

What is Community Leadership?

Community Leadership is our region's premier resource for leadership development and civic education that is community-based, intergenerational, and inclusive of leaders from all sectors of our community.

We offer an unmatched array of leadership programming developed and optimized over time to meet the community's unique needs. Our programs are designed to inspire, challenge, and connect business, civic, and student leaders from all career stages and backgrounds.

Developing Leaders. Delivering Results.

Business and Leadership

Leadership North Houston

LNH is for established leaders who are ready to make a meaningful contribution to the North Houston regionís growth and success. Learn More »

Business and Leadership

Leadership High School

Leadership High School is a leadership development and diversity awareness program for outstanding high school leaders. Learn More »

Business and Leadership

CDI Texas

CDI is designed to train community development professionals and volunteers in modern leadership and management techniques. Learn More »


Community Focus

The Community Leadership program curriculum achieves the goal of expanding and improving our civic leadership base and encouraging civic responsibility by including the following foundational elements in each of our flagship programs:

  • Teaching the community's history and current environment as cornerstones of understanding what is possible in the future
  • Enhancing regional competitiveness in a global economy
  • Increasing the levels of active and responsible civic leadership in community issues
  • Creating an inclusive leadership environment that demonstrates mutual respect and civility while accomplishing significant civic goals
  • Building civic capacity that achieves meaningful results across a generation of leaders

We are committed to the North Houston region's excellence. Together, we can create a future for our community that is full of promise, opportunity, and positive change.

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