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LSCFocus is a leader-led process designed to create a culture where everyone plays a role in achieving Lone Star College's organizational goals. Our culture is made up of the norms and behaviors we have prioritized as a college community. Our LSCFocus cultural beliefs are the kind of thinking and behavior we need even more of to accomplish our goals at Lone Star College.

Cultural Beliefs

Cultural Beliefs

The LSCFocus Steering Committee, with representatives from each college location, helps champion our culture across the college. They coach our culture daily and work with our team to engage each employee in demonstrating our cultural beliefs. The six cultural beliefs were created by the work of over 100 employees in Fall 2018 to focus our efforts towards the results we collectively desire to achieve. Lone Star College first began our intentional culture work in September of 2015. Culture helps us identify and focus on the behavior most needed to achieve our results. The refreshed Lone Star College cultural beliefs are:

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I develop meaningful relationships and collaborate for mutual success.

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Student Focused

I support and prepare each student to succeed in college and in life.

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Own It

I bring my best, rise above challenges, and own my contributions.

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Foster Belonging

I foster an environment where everyone belongs and thrives.

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Cultivate Community

I cultivate a community of trust and integrity through transparent dialogue and purposeful actions.

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Choose Learning

I learn, grow, and create opportunities for others to do the same.

Top 5 Priorities

Lone Star College Top 5 Priorities

The LSCFocus cultural beliefs are designed to create a culture in support of Lone Star College's Top 5 Priorities.

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Connect with Us

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