Employee Appreciation & Educational Support

Employee Appreciation & Support

Organizational Development is committed to developing and supporting employees, and celebrating accomplishments throughout their careers with Lone Star College. Each year, the Lone Star College Awards Ceremony is held to highlight employee achievements in the following areas:

  • Years of Service
  • Staff Excellence Awards
  • Faculty Excellence Awards
  • Adjunct Excellence Awards
  • Culture Impact Awards
  • Writing Awards
  • LSCFocus Awards

Award Recipients

2024 Award Recipients

45 Year Service Awards

Anita J. Rogers, LSC-North Harris

40 Year Service Awards

Stephen Davis, LSC-Kingwood
Lynda Dodgen, LSC-North Harris
Joan McAninch Samuelson, LSC-Kingwood

35 Year Service Awards

Rita Cinquemani, LSC-North Harris
Vida Davoudi, LSC-Kingwood
Mary A. Durant, LSC-North Harris
Anthony S. Foster, LSC-Kingwood
Clifton Fox, LSC-Tomball
Roy Hanscom, LSC-North Harris
Christopher Martin, LSC-Kingwood
William Simcik. LSC-Tomball

30 Year Service Awards

Anne Teresa Albarelli, LSC-North Harris
Cynthia Baker, LSC-Kingwood
Daniel Coleman, LSC-Kingwood
Linda Corbin, LSC-Montgomery
William Ferris, LSC-North Harris
Karen Miner, LSC-System Office, The Woodlands
Emily Roscher, LSC-CyFair

25 Year Service Awards

Patty Banda, LSC-North Harris
David Benzel, LSC-Montgomery
Mike Callahan, LSC-North Harris
Michael Capistran, LSC-Tomball
Laura Carrion, LSC-System Office, University Park
Elvira Cavazos, LSC-System Office, University Park
Virginia Cordon-Mata, LSC-Montgomery
Tara Edwards, LSC-North Harris
Gelasio Flores, LSC-Montgomery
Kelly Green, LSC-North Harris
Julie Harless, LSC-Montgomery
Michael Hickey, LSC-Montgomery
Fonda Johnson-Gaddie, LSC-University Park
Stephanie Johnston, LSC-Tomball
Michael J. Krall, LSC-System Office, The Woodlands
Carla McPherson, LSC-Tomball
Dana Morales. LSC-Montgomery
Darlene Nickerson, LSC-System Office, The Woodlands
Gema Nunez, LSC-Montgomery
Masoud Shafiei-Sararodi, LSC-Kingwood
Michelle Simon, LSC-System Office, University Park
Ines Soto, LSC-Tomball
Ellen Turnell, LSC-North Harris
Catherine Valle, LSC-Kingwood
Karen Vance, LSC-System Office, The Woodlands
Julie Wells, LSC-CyFair
Stacey Williams, LSC-System Office, The Woodlands
James Zipperer, LSC-Montgomery

Culture Impact Awards

Simone Andrade, LSC-Montgomery
Laura M. Bettencourt, LSC-Online
Kerri G. Steen, LSC-Montgomery

Writing Awards

Danel Olson, LSC-North Harris
Dalia Sherif, LSC-System Office, University Park
Brian R. Shmaefsky, LSC-Kingwood

LSCFocus Awards

LSC-CyFair - Keri Williams
LSC-Houston North - Luis Ellis
LSC-Kingwood - Nicole Foley-Nelson
LSC-Montgomery - Sofia Cruz
LSC-North Harris - Theresie Gahima
LSC-Online - Bonita Cooper
LSC-Tomball - Scott Dunn
LSC-University Park - Lisa McQuade
LSC-System Office, The Woodlands - Amy Ramirez
LSC-System Office, University Park - Manjushree Shankaranarayana

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