Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Organizational Development (OD) offers a variety of services to assist employees in implementing OD strategies, change efforts, and driving organizational behavior that aligns with our culture and mission. We want to share the methods and teambuilding practices that lead to high-performing leaders and teams

Goals of OD Consulting

  • Your vision is our purpose! We are here to help you achieve your best results.
  • Partner with employees to creatively meet the strategic goals of Lone Star College and their departments.
  • Develop a culture of accountability in practice.
  • Support and coach leaders who are leading change efforts, both large and small.

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Consulting Services by Level

Consulting Solutions by Level

Organizational Development offers consulting solutions in the following broad areas and will tailor the consulting experience to your needs:

Organizational-Level Offerings

  • Organizational culture change
  • Strategic planning
  • Change management

Team-Level Offerings

  • Visioning
  • Change management
  • Tailored learning and development sessions
  • Team-building

Individual-Level Offerings

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Strengths-based leadership coaching

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Program review and assessment
  • Evaluation of program outcomes

Learn more about the OD Consulting Process or email LSC-OrganizationalDevelopment@LoneStar.edu for more information.

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Connect with Us

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