Employee Appreciation & Educational Support

Employee Appreciation & Support

Organizational Development is committed to developing and supporting employees, and celebrating accomplishments throughout their careers with Lone Star College. Each year, the Lone Star College Awards Ceremony is held to highlight employee achievements in the following areas:

  • Years of Service
  • Staff Excellence Awards
  • Faculty Excellence Awards
  • Adjunct Excellence Awards
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards
  • Writing Awards
  • LSCFocus Awards

Award Recipients

Award Recipients

30 Year Service Awards

John Burghduff, LSC-CyFair
William M. Clark, LSC-Kingwood
Peggy Lambert, LSC-Kingwood
David M. Mott, LSC-North Harris
Brian R. Shmaefsky, LSC-Kingwood

25 Year Service Awards

Susan Allen, LSC-North Harris
Shae Corby, LSC-System Office, The Woodlands
Ibrahim Elsamahy, LSC-North Harris
Angela Gant, LSC-North Harris
Peter Horton, LSC-North Harris
Cleme Houston, LSC-Montgomery
Connie Loveall, LSC-System Office, University Park
Claire Phillips, LSC-CyFair
Terra Ruppert, LSC-Tomball
Kevin Sumrall, LSC-Montgomery

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards

Brandolyn Jones, LSC-Kingwood
Yolanda "America" Lopez, LSC-Montgomery

2022 Writing Awards

Mari-Carmen Marin, LSC-Tomball
Danel Olson, LSC-North Harris
Andrzej Sokolowski, LSC-Tomball

LSCFocus Awards

LSC-Cyfair - Trish Woods
LSC-Houston North - Sheldon Moss
LSC-Kingwood - Nancy Parks
LSC-Montgomery - Monica Gonzales
LSC-North Harris - Elaine Olawaiye
LSC-Tomball - Lacy Moreno
LSC-University Park - Ashley M. Guevara
LSC-System Office, The Woodlands - Theresa Holloway
LSC-System Office, University Park - Bridgett N. Johnson

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Connect with Us

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