LSC-University Park Economics Department


The Lone Star College-University Park Economics department offers two Economics courses, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. These courses are taught by diverse, highly qualified faculty members and offered in face-to-face, fully online and hybrid formats. For those who need additional flexibility, LSC-University Park also offers Economics courses in the evenings and Saturdays.

Macroeconomics and Microeconomics courses are available as Dual Credit and, upon completion, as transfer credit to other higher education institutions.


In ECON 2301 (Macroeconomics), students analyze the economy as a whole, including:

  • measurement and determination of Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
  • national income
  • inflation
  • unemployment
  • international trade
  • economic growth
  • business cycles
  • fiscal policy
  • monetary policy

Macroeconomics is usually required for Business majors (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management) along with other Social Sciences (Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, History). It is often used as an elective by majors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and some STEM fields.


In ECON 2302 (Microeconomics), students analyze the behavior of individual economic agents, including:

  • consumer behavior and demand
  • producer behavior and supply
  • price and output decisions by firms under various market structures
  • factor markets
  • market failures
  • international trade

Microeconomics is required for all Business majors (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Insurance, Real Estate, Management) and also Nursing and Engineering majors, along with other business courses, due to the business elements of those jobs. It is a favorite elective of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics majors due to its being math heavy.

Both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics are prerequisites for higher-level ECON courses such as Money and Banking, Intermediate and Advanced level Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, and Econometrics—all of which also use Statistics and Calculus. Many Mathematics/Applied Mathematics/Statistics majors take higher level Microeconomics and Econometrics as an ECON minor is very complementary to those disciplines.  A lot of Political Science and Pre-Law majors will take Macroeconomics and also some higher-level courses in Macroeconomic Policy as they have some intersectionality.

Department Contacts

Hank Lewis
Professor of Economics
Office: B13.833

Wole Peters
Professor of Economics
Office: B13.866

Maurica J. Vickerson, MBA
Department Chair
Office: B13.864

Dave Gaer
Dean of Instruction
Office: B12.603C

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