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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of ESOL courses does Lone Star College-CyFair offer?

Lone Star College-CyFair offers a wide variety of ESOL programs to meet the diverse needs of the surrounding community including:

  • Intensive ESOL Integrated Skills (ESOL Blocks) – high beginning to intermediate; 3 levels
  • ESOL Academic Bridge – high intermediate to advanced; 2 levels
  • ESOL Individual Skills – high beginning to advanced; 5 levels

When are classes offered?

Classes are offered during the day, at night, or online. Morning classes are approximately 8:30 am - 12:30 pm; afternoon classes are approximately 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm; and evening classes are approximately 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Most classes meet two days a week, Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday.

How do I know which ESOL course or level to take?

First-time Lone Star College-CyFair students are required to take an ESL placement in order to enter the ESOL classes. Learners who have previously taken ESOL courses at any Lone Star College campus or center may waive the placement exam if the last course taken is within the last 12 months from the time of registration. An ESOL Advisor will help you select the appropriate ESOL courses after you have taken the placement test

What is the placement exam?

Accuplacer ESL is a computer-adaptive test that measures the learner’s skills in listening, grammar structure, and reading comprehension. If learner places into level 3 or above, the learner will be required to write an essay that’s assessed by the ESOL Department. The exam is available Monday through Saturday and takes approximately 2 hours. The exam costs $24, $8 per section.

I took the placement exam and my score is right on the cutoff line between two levels. Which level is better for me?

Language skills are difficult to assess by one test, and each level overlaps with other levels on the high and low ends. A learner’s writing assessment will factor heavily in this decision as writing skills are required in all classes.

What if I have doubts about my placement result?

The placement test is just one of the many ways to measure a learner’s proficiency, and there are many factors influencing the test results, including familiarity with technology, test anxiety, and jet lag. The test result offers a beginning point for a student to start the registration process. Prepare to spend at least an hour on the test in order to do your best. If you have questions about your results, the ESOL advisor can help you understand which course is best for you.

Can I receive financial aid for my ESOL study?

If you are an American citizen or a permanent resident, you may be eligible for financial aid. If you are an international student on the F-1 visa, you are allowed to work on campus for a limited number of hours while studying full-time (12 credit hours/4 classes) at Lone Star College.

What are Intensive ESOL Integrated Skills courses (ESOL Blocks)?

Intensive ESOL Integrated Skills courses are designed for learners who have studied English in the past and who seek intensive and in-depth language study. Each course combines all four language skills strands: Grammar, Oral Communication, Reading & Writing, with communicative learning activities and projects designed to help students apply English skills in real-life situations and provide greater understanding of American culture.

What are the Individual Skills courses?

Individual Skills courses are those listed in the ESOL Integrated Skills except they are not blocked. Students who are unable to attend the intensive schedule may choose which skill courses to take.

What are Academic Bridge courses?

Academic Bridge courses are designed for learners who are in high intermediate and advanced levels of study and who desire to pursue college-level study. Instruction focuses on college reading, writing, and presentation skills.

Are there any other ESOL classes offered?

Language Skills courses are offered in addition to the core curriculum (Grammar, Oral Communication, Reading, Writing). These topics include TOEFL Prep, Pronunciation, Developing Skills through Film, among others.

How do I begin?

Please visit Lone Star College-CyFair on Barker Cypress and West Roads. Professional staff will help answer your questions and guide you through the placement and course selection process. After taking the placement exam, advising can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2-3 hours, depending on date and time.

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