Useful ESOL Links

Activities for ESOL Students
There are over 1,000 activities on the a4esl.org website to help students study English for Speakers of Other Languages. This project of The Internet TESL Journal has contributions by many teachers.

American English Pronunciation
Contains the Alphabet, Vowel and Consonant Sounds, Teaching pronunciation, quizzes, readings, songs, spelling, and tongue twisters.

Ask an Expert: ESOL
CLN's "Ask an Expert" page has about 100 links to specialists in the field who can serve as a valuable source of curricular expertise for both students and teachers. Questions/answers on ESOL may be found in the "All Subjects" section at the top of the page, the "English/Language Arts" section, the "English Grammar" section, the "ESOL Section", as well as the general "Reference" section.

BBC's learning English area
This site aims to combine language skill practice with current events. It enables users to read simplified texts or listen to broadcast stories, providing vocabulary support along the way. Interactive quizzes are also available.

Bradleyís English School
Very interactive online activities to help students with their grammar and vocabulary.

Business English Exercises
Multiple exercises in grammar, vocabulary, collocations, writing, speed reading, and presentation skills.

Colorful Clothesline
Colorful Clothesline is a lesson created to introduce level 1 ESOL students to clothing, colors, and color patterns. Students can test their knowledge of colors and clothing. Select a category below to practice vocabulary. Then take a quiz to test what was learned.

Dave's ESOL Cafe
Dave Sperling provides a variety of learning resources for ESOL students, including: a series of discussion forums; the ESOL Idiom Page; the ESOL Quiz Center; the ESOL Help Center; the ESOL Phrasal Verb Page; and much more.

Discovery Channelís Quiz Center
The Quiz Center allows instructors to create, edit, and manage quizzes, without any necessary web publishing experience.

E.L Easton
This site provides materials for teaching and learning Business English, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, spelling, listening, and speaking.

Electronic English for Speakers of Other Languages
This site contains links to ESOL grammar lessons and quizzes from Long Beach City College and many other sources.

This site contains free online English lessons and ESOL resources. The site includes an online newsletter, grammar review, bookstore and 15 English-foreign language dictionaries (including Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic).

English Zone
Excellent material! Some modules are free, and others require a fee. The free modules are definitely worth a look. Material is organized by easy, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.

ESOLflow is a site using a flowchart metaphor. Grammar concepts are organized into functional patterns for which an impressive variety of linked resources from the Web are employed. Resources are organized both for students and teachers and include grammar, speaking, dialogues, reading handouts and lesson plans.

ESOL Games
This is a sub-page of The Internet TESL Journal's. Games require Flash or Shockwave.

ESOL Independent Study Lab
Contains over 225 of the best Internet resources for ESOL/EFL students!
All Web sites are clearly annotated. Organization is by skill area and language level.

ESOLgold provides hundreds of pages of free English teaching and learning materials for both students and teachers. All resources are organized by skill and level for quick and easy access.

Handouts Online Index
Handouts Online has great TEFL materials for use with your lessons. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader v. 5 or 6 to view and print the handouts. Itís free.

HyperGrammar is an electronic grammar course at the University of Ottawa's Writing Centre.

Interesting Things for ESOL Students
A fun study site for students of English for Speakers of Other Languages. Word games, puzzles, quizzes, slang, proverbs and much more.

Online English Language (ESOL) Quizzes
Students test themselves with free online quizzes. 

[The] English Listening Lounge
This site has menus for all the listening passages available. Each menu contains a number of passages. There are currently 257 listening passages available.

Karin's ESOL Partyland: Learning English
Karin Cintron's advice for students wishing to learn English is to "practice, practice, practice." With this in mind, she has developed a wide range of ways for students to use her web site for practice. Activities available on her web site (and/or through external links) include: interactive quizzes, real time chats, discussion groups, opportunities to talk about popular themes (e.g., music, movies), and e-pals.

Listening Theme Page
This "CLN Theme Page" has links to Internet audio resources that may be used by ESOL students and teachers. Most of these use the RealAudio format and generally they will also have a link to a download site for the player. Some of the sites on this page are general in nature (e.g., news) while others are intended for an ESOL audience. 

Phonetics: The Sounds of English and Spanish
The English and Spanish Phonetics libraries are web resources that have the following features for each of the consonants and vowels of Spanish and American English. A real-time Flash animated articulatory diagram of each consonant and vowel; An annotated step-by-step description of how the sound is produced; Video and audio of the sound spoken in context; The navigation reflects the classification of consonants by manner, place or voicing and vowels; and Interactive diagram of the articulatory anatomy.

Creator Leslie Opp-Beckman, an ESOL instructor, explains this site's purpose: "PIZZAZ! is dedicated to providing creative writing activities and copyable (yes, copyable!) handouts for use in the classroom."

Randallís ESOL Cyber Listening Lab
Provides interactive listening activities at the reach of students worldwide

Reading Comprehension Lessons
These interactive online lessons help to improve students' reading comprehension and build their vocabulary skills.

Selected Links for Students of English for Speakers of Other Languages
This meta-list of links to other ESOL Web sites is hosted by the Internet TESL Journal and is Intended for ESOL students. Links are organized under such categories as "Some of the Best Sites", "Games", "Grammar", "Communicating with Others", "Listening", "Writing" and "Reading.

Sounds of English
Sounds of English is a website designed for learners of English and their teachers. It contains links; handouts from presentations; English pronunciation pages - pictures, sounds, and videos to help students with English pronunciation; Activities and exercises for English pronunciation and listening; Tips for teachers; and listening exercises with printable worksheets and teacher guides.

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