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Business Administration

The Business Administration Program prepares a diverse group of students to succeed as the future managers and leaders within our local communities. The program supports studentsí needs to acquire skills that will allow them to establish a career and/or become more productive in their current organizations.

We are particularly committed to helping students become professionals who are capable of thinking critically, working in teams, utilizing technology, and communicating ideas effectively in a global economy.

An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Business Administration with a Business Management specialty emphasizes developing varied skills for a range of jobs in business management. The program focuses on management, human resources, operational and team building skills that are crucial to running a business.

Individuals who are looking to advance their careers in management will gain a thorough understanding of the essentials of successful business practices.

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Wage Data is based on annual salaries from Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics, 2016, www.bls.gov/oes.

Human Services

The Human Services program provides the skills and competencies required for a variety of position in the helping professions. Human services professionals work with children, adults, groups, families and the elderly experiencing a wide range of problems. This includes those with developmental disabilities, individuals with mental health problems or disorders, people with substance abuse problems, clients with work -or educational related issues, or those needing assistance with basic life need issues such as housing, food and clothing.

The Human Services Substance Abuse Counseling program allows for all the course work required for licensing as a chemical dependency counselor, as well as the supervised practicum training, is provided.

Students can apply for temporary licensure and purse employment (clinical internship) after completing the Basic Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate, although completion of the Associate of Applied Science degree in Human Services is required for full licensure.

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LSC-Houston North Workforce Programming Human Services

Wage Data is based on annual salaries from Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics, 2016, www.bls.gov/oes.


The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) program allows for individuals to obtain valuable certificates that may be applied to an Associate of Applied Science degree. The program prepares the individual for a technical service career in residential or light commercial/industrial environmental systems.

The student will study the mechanical and electrical/electronic systems involved in contemporary environmental controls. The academic requirements of the program provide a foundation for continued studies should the student decide to pursue his or her education or training.

The HVAC&R Certificate program prepares the individual for basic, entry-level employment in the residential and/or light commercial heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration service industry. The essentials of the mechanical and electrical systems of contemporary air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems are addressed throughout the program.

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Wage Data is based on annual salaries from Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics, 2016, www.bls.gov/oes.

Mobile/Web Application Development

The Mobile/Web Application Development program prepares IT students for programming positions in the areas of mobile/web application development. Students who successfully complete this program may find job opportunities in business, marketing, education, health care, many levels of government and entrepreneurship.

This program will train students in developing applications that will allow business to consumer, consumer to consumer, and business to business e-commerce interactions on multiple mobile device platforms.

Students will learn a variety of programming languages and UX development techniques including prototyping and user interaction design.

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Mechanical Design

Numerous career opportunities await you with a degree in Mechanical Design and Drafting. In our brand new, state-of-the-art drafting lab, learn how to take your ideas and sketches and develop them into design layouts, schematics, maps, illustrations, and 3D models.

Potential careers include architecture, manufacturing, civil and structural engineering, oil and gas, and petrochemical automation. Through classes in AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, and Inventor, you will be fully prepared to enter any of these careers.

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Logistics Management

The Logistics Management Program prepares graduates for employment in the areas of total supply chain management, including inventory control, materials management, and transportation. The field of logistics management includes occupations such as supervisors and/or managers of transportation, warehousing, and materials management. In addition, skilled-labor in logistics-related areas such as materials handling, equipment operators, and administration support, play an equally vital role.

Three major functional areas of logistics are warehousing, transportation and materials management. Advances in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Logistics Management Systems (LMS) technology have enabled logistics managers in each of these functional areas to gather, analyze and process data, resulting in automation and enhanced productivity. The demand for trained logistics professionals is growing nationally, resulting in career opportunities in high-growth industries and is projected to ass substantial numbers of new jobs in Texas.

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Master welders may find work in a variety of industries and location, including commercial and industrial construction, offshore and underwater oil and gas drilling sites, automotive manufacturing plants, light manufacturing to heavy industrial fabrication plants, pipelines for water, petroleum and natural gas.

The program includes hand-on application of SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, and GTAW processes, in all positions, using pipe, plate and structural shapes. The student is also exposed to basic metallurgy and inspections procedures.The academic requirements of the program provide the foundation for continued studies should the student desire to continue his or her education.

The Welding Technology Certificate program prepares the student for entry-level employment as a structural welder. The program provides the essential skills and safety practices in arc welding procedures in both structural plate and pipe. Courses completed in this certificate program can be applied toward the welding technology associates of applied science degree.

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Wage Data is based on annual salaries from Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics, 2016, www.bls.gov/oes.

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