V.G. Academic Appeals

V.G.1. General Provisions

V.G.1.1. Academic Appeals

The College recognizes a studentís right to consistent and relevant forms of assessment. An academic appeal is a formal request brought by a student to change a grade for the reasons below.  Students have 12 calendar months from the date the grade was posted by the registrar to submit an academic appeal. A grade may only be changed by the instructor of record, the instructorís department chair, the academic dean,  or the Academic Appeals Committee. Should an instructor of recordís employment end or otherwise become incapacitated or unavailable, the department chair, or the academic dean may enter grades on the incapacitated or unavailable faculty member.

V.G.1.2. Definitions

(a)   Incapacity means the physical or mental inability to enter grades for the purpose of this subsection V.G.1 only.

V.G.1.3. Bases for Academic Appeal

A student must meet one of three requirements in order to qualify to file an academic appeal.  The student must have some evidence that there exists at the time of the appeal: (1) a mathematical error in the gradeís calculation, (2) a deviationóby the instructorófrom the course syllabus or the Collegeís policy manual (this document), or (3) disparate treatment of the student not covered by EEO (e.g., race, color, sex, and etc.) policies.  Any basis for appeal outside of those three categories will not be considered and the College will simply inform the student of this policy and refuse to process the appeal.  An appeal will not be considered merely because the student is dissatisfied with a grade or disagrees with the instructorís professional judgment of the quality of the studentís work or performance.


The Board has delegated to the Chancellor the authority to implement Chancellorís Procedures to carry out the Academic Appeals Policy.


LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 2, 2017


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