Lab Library

Available for checkout with a college / library ID card (no exceptions), the Language Labs have a growing collection of single-copy CD-Roms, DVD-Roms, audio recordings, & print materials useful to language teachers & learners.

To check out an item, present your ID / library card in exchange for the item, asking for it by its ITEM NUMBER. Students may check out items for in-lab use only for 2 hours. Faculty may check out items for 24 hour use. Note: if items are not returned on time, we will assume you have lost or stolen it, your ID will be kept, you will be banned from visiting the lab, and campus police will be notified. Please help us maintain our collection by returning items on time & in good condition. Before asking for an item, check the collection list to make sure it hasn't been removed (we'd hate for you to drive all the way here for nothing!).

Students: Notify the lab attendant on duty immediately of any difficulty with a library item.

Faculty: Please notify the lab immediately of any unexpected deviation from this policy.

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