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Reserving a Lang Lab

Instructors wanting to bring a class to the labs must have a confirmed reservation. All reservations are made using the online Language Lab Reservation Form (below). After you submit the form, we ill send a confirmation to your LSCS e-mail address. (We cannot send to outside e-mail addresses). It is very important that you open this message & click on ACCEPT to confirm it and to put it into the lab calendar. If you do not accept the invitation, it does not exist. When you get a confirmation request, double-click on the message, click on ACCEPT, then click on SEND to confirm. If you get a subsequent reminder, click on DISMISS. Consult the Outlook help features for more instructions on handling events in the Outlook calendar.

When planning lab visits, please consult the current calendar of reservations for LRNC-210 & LRNC-212 to see which days/times are available. We send the calendars to all languages faculty every Monday. It is best to submit your reservations early (e.g., 2 weeks before the beginning of the semester), as labs fill up fast!

Remember that when you book a lab visit, reservations begin on the hour or the half hour only and actually end 10 minutes before the coming hour or half-hour to make way for the next class.

Faculty who have not attended a lab intro training session and a Sony system training session within the last year will not benefit from additional services.

Remember to arrive on time to your lab visits if you are in need of an orientation or any other kind of assistance from lab coordinators. If you expect and have requested assistance for your visit and you are late by 10 minutes or more, the coordinator assigned to your class will probably have left the room and moved on to another duty and will not return to conduct orientations for late arrivals. If you are not expecting an orientation or any kind of lab staff assistance during your visit, arriving late is not a problem: the room is yours until the end of your reserved visit.

Please be sure to read our lab guidelines and alert your students of them as well. Instructors must be in possession of a printed class roster when visiting the labs during instructed lab times. Also, as a courtesy to your colleagues who may be waiting to use the lab at a time you have already booked, please notify us as soon as possibly of any cancellations. Please have your students leave the lab in the tidy condition your group found it in at your arrival (programs closed, computer arranged properly, headphones on hook, chair pushed in). Finally, as class visits to the lab are considered instructional time, instructors are expected to remain in the lab with their class at all times during their reserved visit. If an instructor is found to have not been present during a significant portion of a class visit, the appropriate supervisor(s) will be notified.

Class Information

First, tell us about yourself and your class:
First Name:
Last Name:
LSCS E-Mail:
Event Title:
Proposed Date
of Event:
Phone Number:
Course Name:
Course Number:
(ex. 0331, 1441, etc.)
Number of Students:

Please describe the nature of your visits and tell us about any technology needs you’ll have. (This means that we can check the equipment you'll need.) If you’d like an orientation of some kind on your first visit, please tell us what you’d like us to present to the class.

Also, if you are going to be conducting a test/exam, please tell us below:

Please give my class a lab intro on our first visit.
Note: All class visits take place within open lab hours, and the last visit ends 10 minutes before we close!

Lab Scheduling

Visit 1: from to
Visit 2 from to
Visit 3: from to
Visit 4: from to
Visit 5: from to
Visit 6: from to
Visit 7: from to
Visit 8: from to
Visit 9: from to
Visit 10: from to
Visit 11: from to
Visit 12: from to
Visit 13: from to
Visit 14: from to
Visit 15: from to
Visit 16: from to
Visit 17: from to
Visit 18: from to
Visit 19: from to
Visit 20: from to

Note: Thanks! The next step is to watch your lonestar.edu email account for a confirmation request. You’ll soon receive this confirmation of your lab times via e-mail, or a reschedule request if your times are in conflict with previously accepted reservations. Once you receive a confirmation, open the message, and click on accept to confirm.


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