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Library Personnel, LSC-Tomball



Library Administration
 Bobbye Silva, Director  832.559.4208
 Program Coordinator    
Valerie Clark  832.559.4217
Reference Librarians  832.559.4211
 Shante Clark Davis  832.559.4211
 Geneen Clinkscales
 Creekside B&T Division Liaison
 Janet Davis
 Marilyn Howe
 H&NS Division (Health Sciences) Liaison
 Jill Moore
 H&NS Division
 (Vet Tech, Natural Sciences) Liaison
 John "Jess" Nevins  
 FYF Division Liaison
 Heather Poinsett-Dunbar  832.559.4211
Alpana Sarangapani   
 ABSS Division Liaison
 Circulation  832.559.4206
 Danette Jasper  832.559.4209
 Liban Samatar  832.559.4215



  Reference: 832.559.4211
Circulation: 832.559.4206

Monday - Thursday: 8AM-9:00PM
Friday: 8AM-6PM
Saturday: 10AM-5PM

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