LSC-Online Tutoring

This video will give you a preview of some of the tutoring options available to all LSC-Online students. 

Welcome to LSC-Online Tutoring

LSC-Online tutoring services offers free resources to help students cross the finish line successfully. We offer a variety of options no matter where or when our students do their coursework.  

If you are a student at Lone Star College, we encourage you to take advantage of the Virtual Learning Assistance Center any time. Here you will find instructions for accessing all tutoring services via your myLoneStar account.  

For those not yet enrolled with Lone Star College, we encourage you to learn more about the tutoring services you’ll have available to you while you take courses here.  

Virtual Learning Assistance Center

All LSC-Online students also have access to VLAC (Virtual Learning Assistance Center). This resource can help you through all of your online learning processes and tips. Here you will find: 

  • How to change your major
  • A guide to helping you be successful in an online learning environmant
  • D2L student training and information 
  • IT Service Desk information
  • Lone Star College virtual bookstore link
  • Read&Write Chrome extension
  • OpenDyslexic
  • IntelliWriter
  • Equatio Chrome extension
  • Much more!

Click HERE to visit the VLAC

Tutoring Options


  • Instant access to live help for college students in core subjects
  • 24/7/365 access


Live Help & Tutor Match

Tutor Match allows you to make an appointment with an LSC-registered tutor. This service is free to use and has no time cap. If there are no tutors available in Tutor Match, the student can choose Live Tutoring. Live Tutoring provides instant access to an online Brainfuse tutor.


IntelliWriter is a tool designed for students to check their grammar in written assignments. You can upload various file types or type directly in the tool and format your work easily. The tool also provides helpful resources for improving writing skills and allows you to share your work through email.

The Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is an asynchronous tutoring help where students can submit a paper to either an LSC tutor or a Brainfuse tutor and receive feedback within 24-36 hours. Submissions to LSC tutors are free unlimited service; however, if you submit your paper to the Brainfuse tutors, each submission uses up to 35 minutes of your free 90 minutes per school year.

TSIA2 Test Prep

If you need to take the TSI, stop by our virtual review sessions with our tutoring experts. There you will learn tips and strategies to help you when taking the test.  We offer online TSI review sessions on alternating Thursday’s @ 6 pm and Saturday’s @ 2 pm 

Thurs: http://tinyurl.com/thurstsi    Sat: http://tinyurl.com/sattsi  

Make LSC part of your story.