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Men's Center Activities

Men's Center Activities

Mentoring (Individual and groups)

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  • Buddy System (Ongoing Personal Contacts)
  • Group mentoring (Manhood , Sexuality, Marijuana and Men, Goal Setting, First Family College, Balancing Act: fatherhood, employee, and student, Living with ADD, Dyslexia, Bullying, other topics TBD by survey)
  • Social Awareness Activities

Academic Guidance & Support

  • The Men's CenterAcademic Coaching
  • Staying on Track (Assessment)
  • Time management
  • Study Skills
  • Career Planning
  • Tutorials
  • TBD from Surveys & Data

Leadership Development

  • Camp/ Service Learning Activities
  • Forum & Symposiums
  • Career Mentoring (Professional Organizations and Associations Collaborative)


  • School District Informational events
  • Rite of Passage Program (9th -11th Grade)
  • Leadership Enrichment Camp (Elementary & Middle Schools)

Financial Planning & Assistance

  • Workshops (Financial Aide, Work Study)
  • Personal Challenges (HAAM, other)
  • Referral Services (Community Youth Services)

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