Instructor Procedures

Paper-based Make-up Tests

  • All paper-based make-up tests must be brought to the Testing Center by the instructor where they will complete a form detailing the instructions for the test including the names of each student who will take the exam. 
  • The instructor’s name must appear on the top of each test for filing purposes. 
  • Tests will be administered according to the instructions and completed tests will be filed for pick up. 
  • Students may not deliver or pick up tests for instructors without written permission from the instructor. 
  • Requests for paper-based tests from other LSC colleges may be submitted through e-mail or inter-campus mail. If you have fewer than 3 students, we will print those tests from an email attachment. Otherwise, please bring your tests to the Testing Center in MSC 220 with a roster and the completed referral form. Instructors from other LSC campuses may send tests through inter-campus mail.

Online/Computer-based Tests

  • Online test requests for online testing must be submitted online. 
  • For information on how to submit your test request online, please follow these instructions.

Please contact the Testing Center if you have unique requirements.

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