Computer Programming Specialist Certificate Level II





Program Pathway

First Year

First Semester Courses 15 Credits
ITSC 1301-or-COSC 1301 -or- BCIS 1305 Introduction to Computers-or-Introduction to Computers -or- Business Computer Applications 3
ITSC 1371-or-ITSC 1316 IT Essentials-or-Linux Installation and Configuration 3
ITSE 1302-or-COSC 1315 Computer Programming-or-Introduction to Computer Programming 3
ITSE 1303 -or-ITSE 1311 Introduction to MySQL -or- Beginning Web Programming 3
EDUC 1300 Learning Framework: 1st Year Experience 3
Second Semester Courses 12 Credits
Elective Programming Language (Beginning-1st Level Course)1 3
ITSC 1315 Project Management Software 3
ITSE 1350 Systems Analysis and Design 3
Elective Technical Elective3 3

Second Year

First Semester Courses 3 Credits
SPCH 1321 Business and Professional Communication 3
Second Semester Courses 3 Credits
Elective Second-Level Programming Elective2 3
Computer Programming Specialist Certificate Program Total 33 Credits


  1. Choose Elective From ITSE 1307 OR COSC 1320, ITSE 1330, 1332, 2317, 1311
  2. Capstone Course Choose Elective From ITSE 2331, 2349, 2353 or INEW 2338
  3. Technical Elective -Choose from ITSE, ITNW, ITSC, IMED, GAME 1343, GAME 1359, GAME 2303, GRPH, COSC, ITSW 1304ITSW 1307


Program Details

Successful organizations need people that know how to use technology to find solutions to business challenges. Individuals who understand how to contribute to productivity using technology are valued employees.

The Associate of Science in Information Technology (AAS) curriculum includes a common core and two levels of certificates. The AAS core provides a strong foundation in the key information technology areas of programming logic and structure, language implementation and ethics. This core provides a foundation that can be used to build a knowledge base for a variety of information technology careers. Students who have technology degrees or who have articulated courses from high school may receive advanced training in a specific programming language or languages.

The general education core courses, COSC classes, and some technical courses transfer to a variety of universities. Technical AAS degrees transfer in total to some universities. Contact a counselor or advisor at any college for specific information and to obtain the recommended sequencing of courses.

Programming students interested in transferring to a bachelor's program in computer science should consider completing the AS degree with a field of study in computer science. See the academic transfer section of this catalog for details.

For careers and median salaries, visit Career Star for more information.

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