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The Lone Star College-University Park Psychology department offers a range of foundation and intermediate courses designed to explore human behavior.

Classes are offered in standard 16-week semester lengths, and also as Next Start options including 14-week, 8-week, and Minimester (3- or 4-week) lengths.

PSYC 2301 or PSYCH 2301 (Honors) - General Psychology

General Psychology provides an overview of the field, and either course (PSYC 2301 or PSYCH 2301 (Honors)) can be taken as the prerequisite for all other Psychology courses. This course is a survey of the essential subject areas, major theories, and approaches to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

PSYC 2306 or PSYCH 2306 (Honors) - Human Sexuality

This course will provide an overview of the broad field of human sexuality. Topics will be covered from various perspectives, biological, sociological, anthropological, etc., but will focus primarily on the psychological perspective. The goal is for each student to learn factual, scientifically-based information that will provoke thought and contribute to his/her own decision-making on sexual issues outside of the classroom.

PSYC 2308 - Child Grown & Development

This course will address psychological development from conception through adolescence with references to physical, cognitive, social and personality changes. Students will examine the interplay of biological factors, human interaction, social structures and cultural forces in development. Students who have taken PSYC 2314 must have instructor approval to enroll in PSYC 2308.

PSYC 2314 or PSYCH 2314 (Honors) - Lifespan Grown & Development

A study of development from conception to death with emphasis on factors which influence growth and development. Consideration will be given to social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth and development at each period of the life-span. Students who have taken PSYC 2308 must have instructor approval to enroll in PSYC 2314.

PSYC 2316 - Psychology of Personality

An examination of the major personality theories and ideas within the field of psychology. Includes but not limited to, psychoanalytic, Neo-Freudian, humanistic and behavioral ideas, and methods of personality measurement.

PSYC 2317 - Statistical Method in Psychology

This course covers descriptive and inferential statistics used in psychological research and assessment. It includes measurement, characteristics of distributions; measures of central tendency and variability; transformed scores; correlation and regression; probability theory; and hypotheses testing and inference.

PSYC 2319 - Social Psychology

Study of individual behavior within the social environment. Topics may include sociopsychological processes, attitude formation and change, interpersonal relations, group processes, self, social cognition, and research methods.

Department Contacts

Classes are taught by experienced faculty who are committed to working with students to reach their goals. Students have the option of studying in traditional face-to-face settings, and online or hybrid formats.

Nicole Stalnaker
Department Lead
Professor of Psychology
Office: B13.806

Joseph Butler
Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: B13.802

Sara Whalen
Department Chair
Office: B13.809

Dave Gaer
Dean of Instruction
Office: B12.603C

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