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III.E. Facilities

III.E.1.  Facilities Management

III.E.1.1. Policy

The College builds, purchases, and maintains facilities and other property which require repair, replacement, renovation, and general maintenance. Managing these needs requires fiscal responsibility. 

III.E.1.2. Definitions

(a)     Emergency/Unforeseen Fund means a reserve set aside for funding emergency or unforeseen repair or replacement projects caused by significant damage to facilities or facility equipment from storms, pipe breaks, or critical equipment failure as allowed by law. Repair and replacement projects with a cost of $50,000 or more require the Chancellorís written authorization.

(b)     Existing Infrastructure Assets means any asset that if not repaired will adversely affect the assetís value.

(c)   Presidentís Discretionary Fund means a reserve set aside for each college president to use for repairs, replacement, or enhancement of infrastructure at the presidentís discretion. This may include, but not be limited to, new equipment installations, landscaping, or furniture.

(d)     R&R Fund means a portion of the Collegeís operating funds known as the Repair and Replacement Fund for Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment. The R&R Fund includes the Presidents Discretionary Fund and the Emergency/Unforeseen Fund. The R&R Fund is set aside for the repair or replacement of Existing Infrastructure Assets. This Fund is not used for new installations, equipment maintenance, landscaping, or furniture except for use in conjunction with the Presidentís Discretionary Fund. The R&R Fund is also used for project costs attributable to changes in governing codes or the American with Disabilities Act. The R&R Fund annually accumulates reserves, subject to funding.

(e)      R&R Fund Project List means a list of R&R Projects funded by the R&R Fund.

(f)       R&R Project means a repair or replacement project or piece of equipment costing between $10,000 and $250,000.

III.E.1.3. Repair and Replacement

College facilities and other property occasionally require repair or replacement. The Collegeís Facilities and Construction Division manages repair, replacement, renovation, and general management projects and ensures proper funding for each project. Each fiscal year, the Facilities and Construction Vice Chancellor works closely with individual colleges to develop, prioritize, budget, and implement an R&R Fund Project List. This R&R Fund Project List includes a pre-approval request for a maximum total annual spend on all R&R Projects and a threshold maximum limit for individual project approvals. The Facilities and Construction Vice Chancellor delivers a monthly report to the Board of Trustees detailing current R&R Project progress.

III.E.1.4. Facility Maintenance

All College facilities are properly maintained. This includes keeping school buildings in a sanitary condition, well drained, properly ventilated, with an adequate supply of drinking water, providing hand washing facilities, maintaining sewage disposal system, providing a heating system, and providing lighting facilities that conform to established standards of good public health engineering practices.

III.E.1.5. Facility Renovation

College facilities occasionally require renovation. Renovations include any significant maintenance, repairs, or replacements that deviate from the original or current building, grounds, or equipment design. The Collegeís Facilities and Construction Division oversees all renovations, including coordinating building code reviews, permitting, and needed professional services. The Facilities and Construction Division also ensures that renovations comply with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ďADAĒ), and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 as they apply to the College.

III.E.1.6. Facility Names

The Board may name a facility, center, or academic program to recognize a donor for generosity to the College or to recognize distinguished leadership or service. A College facility may only be named for a donor whose gift (1) equals the total facility project cost; (2) exceeds 50% of all other combined contributions for the particular facility project; or (3) meets a Board-approved pre-determined gift level for naming opportunities in a facility project naming campaign. In exceptional circumstances, the Board may recognize an individual for distinguished leadership or service to the College over an extended period of time by naming a facility, center, or academic program after that person. The Chancellor may develop procedures for proposing and recommending facility names.



LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 2, 2017


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