Student Policy

Lone Star College System District
Board Policy Manual

Fifth Edition

Table of Contents: Section VI - Student Policy

VI.A. Admissions

VI.A.1. Admissions

  • VI.A.1.01 Admissions Policy
  • VIA.1.02 Definitions
  • VI.A.1.03 Admission Grievance Policy
  • VI.A.1.04 Returning from Active Military Service
  • VI.A.1.05 Military Service Recruitment and Outreach
  • VI.A.2.1 Health Occupations Programs Admissions Policy

VI.B. Tuition and Fees

VI.B.1. Tuition and Fees

  • VI.B.1.01 Policy
  • VI.B.1.02 Definitions
  • VI.B.1.03 Establishing Texas Residency and District Status and Grievance Policy
  • VI.B.1.04 Texas Tuition Fund and Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan Tuition Rates
  • VI.B.1.05 Errors in Texas Residency and District Status
  • VI.B.1.06 Notice of Repeated Courses and Excessive Undergraduate Hours
  • VI.B.1.07 Tuition Waiver Based on Contractual Training Agreements
  • VI.B.1.08 Dual Credit Tuition Waiver

VI.B.2. Installment Payment Plans

  • VI.B.2.01 Policy
  • VI.B.2.02 Obtaining an Installment Payment Plan
  • VI.B.2.03 Appealing Denial of a Transcript for Non-Payment
  • VI.B.2.04 Applying Financial Aid Awards to Tuition and Fees

VI.B.3. Refund Policy

  • VI.B.3.01 Policy
  • VI.B.3.02 Refund Schedules Defined
  • VI.B.3.03 Refund Grievance Policy
  • VI.B.3.04 Withdrawal for Military Service

VI.B.4. Fees, Fines, and Charges

  • VI.B.4.01 Policy
  • VI.B.4.02 Fee Types
  • VI.B.4.03 Fee Grievance Policy
  • VI.B.4.04 Continued Receipt of Certain Exemptions and Waivers

VI.C. Financial Aid

VI.C.1. Financial Aid

  • VI.C.1.01 Policy
  • VI.C.1.02 Standards
  • VI.C.1.03 Appealing a Financial Aid Suspension 
  • VI.C.1.04 Title IV Fraud

VI.D. Student Welfare And Rights

VI.D.1. Non-Academic Student Travel

  • VI.D.1.01 Policy
  • VI.D.1.02 Definitions
  • VI.D.1.03 Non-Academic Student Travel
  • VI.D.1.04 Student Group Registration Eligibility
  • VI.D.1.05 Required Risk Management Training for Student Groups
  • VI.D.1.06 Compliance with the College's Policies
  • VI.D.1.07 Violation of the College's Policies
  • VI.D.1.08 Sale of Taxable Items
  • VI.D.1.09 Raffles

VI.D.2. Religious Holy Days

  • VI.D.2.01 Policy
  • VI.D.2.02 Definitions
  • VI.D.2.03 Requesting Absences for Religious Holy Days

VI.D.3. Crime and Security Reports

VI.D.4. Student Support Services

VI.D.5. Student Health Notices and Immunizations

VI.D.6. Drug and Alcohol Testing

VI.D.7. Criminal Background Checks

VI.D.8. Legal Notice Regarding Steroids

VI.D.9. Graduation Rates

VI.D.10. Student First Amendment Rights and Other Rights

  • VI.D.10.01 Policy
  • VI.D.10.02 Definitions
  • VI.D.10.03 First Amendment Grievances
  • VI.D.10.04 Student Interviews and Emails
  • VI.D.10.05 Warrantless Search

VI.D.11. Students with Disability Rights

  • VI.D.11.01 Policy
  • VI.D.11.02 Student Responsibility to Request Accommodation
  • VI.D.11.03 Requests for Reconsideration or Revision of Accommodations and Discrimination Complaints
  • VI.D.11.04 Responsible Employee Designation
  • VI.D.11.05 Confidentiality and Records

VI.D.12. Civil Rights Complaints

  • VI.D.12.01 Policy
  • VI.D.12.02 Reporting and Processing Civil Rights Complaints
  • VI.D.12.03 Potential Disciplinary Actions
  • VI.D.12.04 Prohibition on Retaliation


VI.D.13. Student Organizations

  • VI.D.13.01 Policy
  • VI.D.13.02 Definitions
  • VI.D.13.03 Procedures

VI.E. Student Responsibilities

VI.E.1. Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct

  • VI.E.1.01 Policy
  • VI.E.1.02 Definitions
  • VI.E.1.03 Non-Academic Code of Conduct
  • VI.E.1.04 Classroom Misconduct
  • VI.E.1.05 Off-Campus Activities
  • VI.E.1.06 Professionalism

VI.F. Student Discipline for Non-Academic Misconduct

VI.F.1. General Provisions

  • VI.F.1.01 Student Discipline Policy for Non-Academic Misconduct
  • VI.F.1.02 Definitions
  • VI.F.1.03 How to Report Non-Academic Misconduct
  • VI.F.1.04 Investigation
  • VI.F.1.05 Hearing
  • VI.F.1.06 Effect of Sanctions
  • VI.F.1.07 Due Process Requirements
  • VI.F.1.08 Autonomy
  • VI.F.1.09 Periods of Disruption
  • VI.F.1.10 Discipline in Health Occupations Programs

VI.G. Student Records

  • VI.G.1 Student Records


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