Academic Coaching

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The academic coaching departments of the SLRC are here to help you succeed in your classes! Like athletic coaching, our staff will provide guidance to help you improve your understanding of whatever subject you're struggling with.

Subject Areas

  • Writing, Reading, and ESOL
    • Talk Time provides ESOL students a chance to practice conversational skills.
  • Math (all levels)
  • Sciences (chemistry, physics, biology, and A&P)
Academic coaching is provided on a walk-in basis during the week. During busy times, writing coaches may limit sessions to 20-30 minutes, and math coaches may assist as needed while circulating among the students. 

Hotspot or Lab?

For your STEM classes, you have the upstairs Math & Science Lab and the Math and Science Hotspots to choose from. What's the difference?

  • Hotspots are more group-oriented and informal. Coaches are other students who have succeeded in the class as well as faculty volunteers.
  • The Math & Science Lab is more one-on-one. Help is provided by our certified coaches, all of whom have at least a Bachelors degree in their subject.

Try out both and see which you prefer! Maybe you'll use the upstairs lab for homework but the Hotspot to study for exams (or vice versa). All areas share the same purpose: to help you conquer your math and science classes.


  • Refer students for additional support
  • Class tours & visits: get your students acquainted with the SLRC
  • Extra credit opportunities
  • Handouts

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