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This section will be updated regularly with information such as where to order supplies, who has the best deal on pizzas, etc. Check back here to find out "who to call!"

Fazoli's has exclusive rights to provide food for any event on campus, and will provide catering for events as well.

Detail Products is an approved vendor through which student organizations may order t-shirts. Their contact information is below:
Jennifer Frakes, DPI Customer Service Rep
10834 Alcott Drive
Houston, TX 77043
713-722-7789 ext. 12
Fax 713-722-7709

Selling Food for Events & Fundraisers

Remember that ALL student organization fundraisers must be approved prior to the event.  To get approval for your fundraising event, e-mail Joseph Maurer (joseph.f.maurer@LoneStar.edu) and provide all details of your request, including date, time (starting and ending), location, and a description of the event. Joseph will notify your group as soon as approval is finalized.

If your student organization/event committee would like to sell food (hot dogs/hamburgers, baked goods, etc.), you are required to apply for a permit from Montgomery County Environmental Health Services. You simply complete the application and submit it at least two weeks prior to the event if submitting by mail, or at least 48 hours prior to the sale/event if submitting the application in person. The permit is FREE of charge for nonprofit organizations, which includes our college.

Take a moment to read the “Food Rules for Temporary Food Service Permit.” This will give you all of the information and directions needed to obtain the permit. This document, as well as the Application itself, can be found below.

For more information, visit the Montgomery County Environmental Health Services website at: http://www.co.montgomery.tx.us/ehealth/cforms.shtml or call them at 936.539.7839.

Advisor Checklist
This form is designed to help advisors and officers work together to develop expectations for the role of the advisors in each student organization.

Sample Constitution
This document can be customized for each organization. The shaded areas should be changed to reflect the requirements and responsibilities as identified by the members of the organization.