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Lone Star College-Montgomery PTA Program supports the APTA core values of altruism, compassion/caring, and social responsibility into professional practice and Lone Star College-Montgomeryís value for supporting a seamless education journey while nurturing the intellectual and cultural life of the community.

Therefore, the PTA program includes a service learning component in all 5 semesters of the program. The service learning experience focus is on contributions individuals make within their professional role to the community. As the students evolve through didactic, laboratory and clinical program courses, service learning allows the student to internalize their role as a health care professional. Students will evolve from seeing the world through a studentís lense to seeing the world through a health care providerís lense and how they contribute personally to the cultural life of a community. 

  1. The student will demonstrate social responsibility, citizenship, and advocacy, by participating in community and human services organizations and activities.
  2. The student will develop a perception and understanding of health prevention, wellness and illness and the way our community and itsí individuals adapt to these terms.
  3. The student will describe their personal interests and goals within the health care community.
  4. The student will act as an advocate for the profession of physical therapy.

Each semester during the PTA program, the student will select a community/human services organization or activity in which to volunteer a minimum of 4-6 hours.  The target population of t he service learning project may include but is not limited to the disadvantaged, under served, disabled or cross cultural populations. 

A list of community organizations which have participated in the PTA programís service learning component will be presented during PTHA 1305 and again in PTHA 2250.  The student is not limited to these organizations and may choose to seek out additional and new community partners.  The student may choose to volunteer each semester for the same community organization or may choose to volunteer with 5 different organizations.

Once the student has chosen a community organization in which to volunteer, it is the studentís responsibility to:

  1. Contact the organization and arrange for any required orientation.
  2. Arrange for the volunteer hours and be on time!
  3. Write a note of appreciation to our community partners.
  4. Provide a report of the activity by the end of the semester in which the activity occurred.  Remember, you must have 5 reports turned in prior to graduation from the program.
Elements of the Report

The service learning project report may be presented in 3 different options by the end of the semester in which the activity was performed.

Option 1:  A 1-3 page written report.

Option 2:  A reflective journal over the period of the project.

Option 3:  An oral and visual presentation.  

The report should include the following:

  • Description of the service project.
  • Description and mission of the community/human service organization.
  • The target population.
  • How the target population uses physical therapy services in the activity.
  • How you personally broadened your understanding of physical therapy.
  • Any additional personal take-aways from the project.
While the service learning reflection is not graded within a course, it is counted as a completion grade and must be completed prior to a final grade being given in the course.
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