Access to Assistive Technology (AT) Lab services and equipment is determined on an individual basis through the review of a student's disability documentation by the campus' Disability Services Counselor/Manager Building 13, suite 260.

Partial List of Programs/Hardware Available in AT Lab

Eye icon JAWS (Job Access With Speech) - comprehensive screen reading program
Eye icon Zoom Text Program & Keyboard - magnifies the computer screen for visually impaired users
Hand icon Dragon NaturallySpeaking - voice recognition program transcribes spoken words
Eye icon Braille Devices
Eye icon The TOPAZ® XL - uses a high definition camera to magnify documents
Eye icon The SARA CE (Scanning Edition Reader Appliance Camera Edition) - reads documents aloud
Eye icon The MAGic® Large Print Keyboard
Eye icon Open Book®  and Pearl® - convert documents to a digital format and reads text aloud

Partial List of Equipment for Check Out

  • Digital Recorders/Talking Calculators
  • Ruby® Magnifiers
  • Livescribe Pens

Services for Alternative Formats

Students who are qualified by the Disability Counselor for alternate formatting of books must provide the staff with:

  • An accommodations checklist to verify eligibility,
  • A copy of the schedule of classes for which the books are needed,
  • And a receipt for the purchase of a print copy of the books.

Examples of alternative formats

Eye icon Large Print, Screen readers, Braille, Audio Format
Ear icon Captioning