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Upcoming Auditions



  • Concert Choir (MUEN 1141): Concert Choir is a large vocal ensemble performing large-scale sacred and secular works. In addition to local concerts, the group participates in campus activities.
  • Pop Singers (MUEN 1154): The Pop Singers specialize in performing contemporary popular music, including music of radio, TV, motion picture, and Broadway. Some choreography and staging may be involved.
  • Percussion Ensemble (MUEN 1134): This course involves the study and performance of music compositions for small percussion groups.
  • Class Voice (MUSI 1183): Beginning voice instruction for the student who has little or no experience.
  • Private Studio Placement (MUAP 1181/1282/2282): Intermediate and advanced students enrolled in MUSI/MUEN courses will be placed into a private voice instructor's studio.
  • Private Percussion Lessons (MUAP 1157/1258/2258): Intermediate and advanced students enrolled in MUSI/MUEN courses are eligible for percussion lessons on marimba, snare, and drum set.


Concert Choir

  • Prepare a classical/folk song and a contrasting musical theatre song. An accompanist will be provided, so be sure to bring sheet music! Students will also be asked to sight read, as part of their auditions.
  • Question? Email choir director Leah Dyer at Leah.E.Dyer@lonestar.edu.

Pop Singers

  • SINGERS: Prepare two contrasting short songs (or excerpts of songs) in contrasting popular styles (pop, rock, musical theatre, R&B, etc.).  An accompanist will be provided, so be sure to bring sheet music!
  • INSTRUMENTALISTS: Prepare two contrasting solos of pop, rock, musical theatre, or R&B songs on your instruments.  You may also be asked to sight-read.
  • Questions? Email Director of Music Aaron Alon at Aaron.Alon@lonestar.edu.

Percussion Ensemble/Percussion Lessons

  • Snare/Tenor/Bass Drum Auditions: (For snare drum, traditional grip is preferred, but matched grip is acceptable.) Please plan to play a standard “8 or 16 on a hand” exercise, an accent/tap exercise and an open or double stroke roll exercise, all at varied tempos.   In addition, please plan to play a small portion of a published or self-composed solo.  Creativity of presentation and visuals and sound quality will all be considered.   In addition, there will also be a sight reading excerpt at the audition.
  • Cymbals Auditions: Please plan to show a basic understanding of modern marching percussion cymbal sounds through the creation of a short solo to include numerous sounds and numerous visuals.  “Show band” style visuals and visual appeal are preferred.   In addition, there will also be a bass drum sight reading excerpt at the audition.
  • Marimba: If you are a marimba player interested in private lessons on marimba, please contact Aaron.Alon@lonestar.edu.
  • If you have questions or to set up your audition, email Director of Music Aaron Alon at Aaron.Alon@lonestar.edu or click the "Request an Audition" button below.

Class Voice/Private Voice Studio Placement

  • Prepare any song you'd like.  Bring sheet music for private voice studio placement.  Class voice students can sing a cappella or with an accompanist (bring sheet music if you'd like to use the accompanist).  You may be asked to sing some notes played on a piano.
  • Questions? Email Aaron Alon (Aaron.Alon@lonestar.edu) for private voice or Mark Thomas (Mark.Thomas@lonestar.edu) for class voice.


Schedule an audition by emailingAaron.Alon@lonestar.edu or clicking this button to open an email:


For further information about auditions, please contact Professors Aaron Alon (music) or William Grayson (theatre).

Kari Breitigam
Department Chair
Office: B12.109

Jonathan Anderson 
Office: B13.818B

Aaron Alon
Director of Music
Office: B12.110

William Grayson
Director of Theatre
Office: B12.108