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Prior to registering for many healthcare programs, students who have been conditionally accepted must complete a criminal background check.  Students are responsible for completing the background application process, paying all fees and ensuring that a copy is submitted to the appropriate program director.  Additional background checks may be required, if a student is convicted of a felony or misdemeanor while enrolled in a LSCS healthcare program.  The four (4) background check agencies that are accepted by LSCS are listed alphabetically below. 

Clinical facilities determine what constitutes an unacceptable background check.  The student is responsible for working with the background check company to clear up any reporting discrepancies.  If there is a criminal history that cannot be cleared up prior to the start of clinical, the student needs to apply to his/her respective professional board for licensure clearance.  Students cannot begin or continue their studies until the background check process is satisfactorily completed.


Certified Background

  • Standard Student Package Code: NO30
    Price: $35.00* (please note the package code consists of the letters N, O and the numbers 3,0)
  • International Student Package Code: NO30A
    Price: $45.00* (please note the package code consists of the letters N, O, the numbers 3,0, and the letter A)

Access application online at www.certifiedbackground.com/   Applicants complete the release information form and select payment type-- a password is then generated and the applicant shares it with the program director to view the reported results.

MyBackgroundCheck.com - $44.95
Access application on-line at www.mybackgroundcheck.com/. 3 ways to order:

  1. Fax application to 800-503-2371 (requires credit card)
  2. Mail in money order or certified check to MyBackgroundCheck.com, P.O. Box 492770, Redding, CA 96049.
  3. On-line application (requires credit card)  http://mybackgroundcheck.com/, enter Order Code (A4P25) and click on the right-hand arrow and follow the instructions. The Certificate of Verification is mailed to the applicant and available on-line for 90 days.

PreCheck, Inc.~ StudentCheck Package: $45.00 (flat rate)

  • Go to www.precheck.com/ and click on the StudentCheck link to fill out an application. 
  • Select your campus or program
  • Payments can be made securely online with a credit/debit card or money order.  Paying with money order will delay processing your background check until the money order is received by mail at the Precheck office. 
  • For your records, you will be provided a receipt and confirmation page for your order. 
  • PreCheck will not use your information for any other purposes other than a background check.  Your credit will not be investigation and your name will not be given out to any businesses.
    If you need assistance, please contact PreCheck at StudentCheck@PreCheck.com.

Research information Group $30.00

  • Please go to: www.ResearchInfoGroup.com/lonestar to submit your order or ask any questions.
  • Click on “Order Now” then complete the application and submit your application. 
  • Payment options will then be provided. Safe and secure payment methods via either traditional bank/credit card or via Pay Pal accepted.
  • The company operates out of Houston, Texas and will reply within 1 business day to all inquiries.
  • No log-in or password required. 

Verified Credientials, Inc. - $35.00
Access application on-line at https://client.verifiedcredentials.com/LSCS

 Follow prompts to your specific program and follow directions for ordering the report. Payment may be made by credit card, debit card or bank transfer online.  A money order is also acceptable, but will delay the process.  Reports will not be submitted until payment is received.  Mail to: Verified Credentials/Student, 20890 Kenbridge Court, Lakeville, MN 55044.  For assistance, if problems are encountered, please contact: Verified Credentials at 800-938-6090.

Report includes:

  • ST-Criminal Texas
  • ST-Sex Offender Index
  • Patriot Act
  • Social Security Alert
  • NW Healthcare Fraud and Abuse