LSC-North Harris Health Information Technology Department

The Health Information Technology (HITT) Associate of Applied Science degree is designed to prepare graduates for entry level employment as Health Information Technicians. These positions may include billing and coding specialists, transcriptionists, medical secretaries, medical records administrators, admission/reception specialists, and medical office managers. Settings may include hospitals, physician offices, laboratories, outpatient treatment and surgical units, public health administration agencies, insurance companies, and a host of medical and pharmaceutical supply companies.

The HIT associate level program at the North Harris campus is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). Program accreditation allows graduates to apply for certification examination to become Registered Health Information Technicians (RHIT).

The general education core will transfer to a variety of colleges and universities. Contact our program director, Viseeta Brown, PhD, RHIA, for more specific information about course transferability. The HITT program is approved for online learning.  Although online coursework is offered, students that live outside the Houston area often have a challenging time completing the clinical, practicum, and cooperative education courses. While courses are offered online, exams must be proctored.  Students may complete their exams at any of the testing centers within the LSC system.  For any questions please contact our academic advisor, Meishon Bell.  

If you are interested in the coding certificate programs or the Health Information Techology Associate's degree program, there are additional requirements for these programs.  The application period for entry into the Health Information Technology Associate's degree program is May 1st to July 30th and for the coding certificate program is from March 1st to May 1st.  Please check back here during those time periods to apply.  

About Tech Prep Programs

Tech Prep provides an alternative to traditional college prep programs and the nonproductive "general studies" option. In Tech Prep, high school graduates receive relevant, useful knowledge in high-tech fields. They are employable as effective members of high-tech business and industrial operations.

At the same time, the secondary education they receive prepares them for post-secondary education leading to an associate degree. Tech Prep education is a careful balance between modern technology, occupational subjects and traditional academic subjects, the latter taught in a relevant, contextual manner.

Tech Prep allows transitions between school and work according to the needs of the student.

Program Information

Program Goal: Assure that the educational needs of students are met and that graduates demonstrate at least entry level curriculum competencies. 
Target Outcome: 80% of graduates will pass the RHIT exam with overall mean score equal to or above the national mean.  

 Lone  Star College --North Harris HITT Program Pass Rate

Academic Year                    Program Pass Rate                   AHIMA National Average Pass

2012-2013                           100%                                           76%
2011-2012                           100%                                           75%
2010-2011                             75%                                           75%
2009-2008                             83%                                           79%
2008-2009                             75%                                           86%
2007-2008                             80%                                           78%                     

Background Checks

Prior to registering for health care courses, students who have been conditionally accepted must complete a criminal background check. Students are responsible for completing the background application process, paying all fees and ensuring that a copy is submitted to the appropriate program director.

Clinical facilities determine what constitutes an unacceptable background check. The student is responsible for working with the background check company to clear up any reporting discrepancies. If there is a criminal history that cannot be cleared up prior to the start of the clinical, the student needs to apply to his/her respective professional board for licensure clearance. Students cannot begin or continue their studies until the background check process is satisfactorily completed. 

Interested in one of these programs and want more information.  Please attend one of the following information sessions. There is no need to RSVP.

The following information sessions are the LSC-North Harris Health Professions Building.  It is located at 17200 Red Oak Drive Houston TX 77090 (Corner of Red Oak Drive and Peakwood Drive, behind Houston Northwest Medical Center). 

 Thursday November 12th  HPB 210  2:00PM
 Tuesday December 8th  HPB 210  2:00PM
 Tuesday January 12th  HPB 210  2:00PM


Faculty & Staff

Dr. Viseeta Brown, RHIA
Program Director
HPB 200A

Dr. Debora Butts, RHIA
Associate Professor
HPB 200B

Sylvia Szabo
Part-time Staff Assistant
HPB 200

Academic Advisor
WNSP 174G and HPB 200C