Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Departments

Welcome to the Emergency Medical Services departments of Lone Star College! You can use your Emergency Medical Services courses toward an Associate of Applied Science academic degree and workforce programs. Find out how:


Contacting the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department

  • The department director's office is your primary source for all program, course and transfer questions.
  • The department director approves all coursework exceptions and prior learning experiences for credit courses toward your degree or certificate.
  • CE-to-Credit linked courses can also be verified by contacting the department director or dean.

LSC-CyFair Contacts

LSC-CyFair Emergency Medical Services Department

Name Phone Office
Kim Miller
281.290.5906 Kimberly.E.Miller@LoneStar.edu ESEC-100G
Christina Hagerty, Ed. D.
281.290.3988 Christina.A.Hagerty@LoneStar.edu HSC-204E
Cara Creel
Program Information
281.290.3275 Cara.L.Creel@LoneStar.edu HSC-204

LSC-Montgomery Contacts

LSC-Montgomery Emergency Medical Services Department

Name Phone Office
Dr. Kelly Weller, Ed. D.,RN, LP, EMS-C
936.271.6327 Kelly.E.Weller@LoneStar.edu B-120 D
Kathryn Gronlund
Interim Dean
936.271.6169 Kathryn.M.Gronlund@LoneStar.edu B-200 J

LSC-North Harris Contacts

LSC-North Harris Emergency Medical Services Department

Name Phone Office
Meishon Bell
Academic Advisor
281.765.7957 Meishon.M.Bell@LoneStar.edu WNSP-174G
Dan Rathe
Interim Director
281.618.5753 Daniel.L.Rathe@LoneStar.edu WNSP-180
Bill Drees
Dean, Health and Human Services
281.618.5406 Bill.Drees@LoneStar.edu WNSP-155B